How I Became a Medium 6

After a lengthy hiatus in writing blogs*, I was excited to feel inspiration gently tingling its way into my conscious awareness that there was a new blog for me to write. I knew what this meant. My buddy in spirit – a close soulmate of mine who passed over and […]

Featured Testimonial: Mediumship & Guidance

I’ve been astounded by the clarity of Louise’s sessions and feel truly grateful for the deepening sense of connection they have fostered with my ancestors. In our first session, a life-long chronic pain pattern was shifted and the nature of my relationship with my father suddenly made sense, resulting in […]

Tribute to Solly: Pets Have Souls Too 2

It is my personal belief that animal souls and human souls are in essence the same. A soul is a soul. I don’t personally subscribe to the view that souls in animals are learning how to be a human, or that the evolutionary trajectory of souls is linear at all. […]

Featured Testimonial: Mediumship & Guidance

“My reading with Louise was nothing short of joy, clarity and deep connection. Louise’s ability to maintain a safe and clear space teamed with her unique abilities enabled me to comfortably connect with passed loved ones, transforming my feelings, elevating my understanding and compassion and facilitating much needed healing. Her […]

Featured Testimonial: QHHT

“I knew I was drawn to Louise for a reason, without ever having met her. I am a healer/practitioner myself and very discerning about who I see when I need support. Louise has an impeccable approach to her work, she brings the highest level of integrity, client care and heart […]

Connecting with Spirit: Who, What, How and Why?

Mediums, Channellers, Psychics, Clairvoyants and Intuitives: What is the difference? How do they work? And why would you see one? Recently I was invited to write a blog about Psychics and Mediums for Byron Healing, a new website hosted by a local newspaper, the Byron Shire Echo. You can read […]

Pets Have Souls Too―And Sometimes They Alert Us to Others

IMAGE: Solly being a typical dog―freshly rolled in mud and fox shit! © Louise A. Shilton As a tribute to my beautiful and remarkable dog companion―who made his transition back into Spirit on Sunday 5th May 2019―I have made this blog from 5 years ago temporarily available again. Thank you […]