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Get Comfy in Your Own Company

Until you get comfortable with being alone, you’ll never know if you are choosing someone out of love or loneliness… Today’s SNAPPY INSIGHT is a quote from Mandy Hale, author of “The Single Woman’s Sassy Survival Guide”. It’s not a book I have read—in fact I had to look up […]

Passed Over Loved Ones Can Become Spirit Guides

IMAGE: Our passed over loved ones often watch over us © Louise A. Shilton Recently I did a mediumship reading for a woman who had several passed over loved ones, including her mother, who had passed over within the last couple of years. As I was communicating messages from her […]

You’re Not Alone

IMAGE: Angel wings bone—whale vertebra(?)—that I found washed up on a beach in New Zealand All humans have [spirit] guides and helpers—you are all connected to much larger [soul] families than you may be aware of. Darryl Anka channelling Bashar, Tuning In Movie Just last night my mum asked me on the […]

Light Body & Angelic Being, or a Trick of the Light?

IMAGES: Sunrise with angels at Evans Head, NSW, Australia. © Louise A. Shilton "I believe in angels. Something good in everything I see." ABBA I took this photo five months ago, after waking up particularly early and spontaneously deciding to drive to my nearest beach, about 50 minutes away at […]