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On the Importance of Having Healthy Boundaries 2

IMAGE: Breaching boundaries can leave us a bit wrecked… © Louise A. Shilton (Shipwrecks in the Phoenix Islands Protected Area, Kiribati.) Developing healthy boundaries is hugely important on the journey of awakening, as we open ourselves up to greater feeling and love. As a highly sensitive person who is acutely tuned […]

Sensitivity as a Double-Edged Sword

People with the greatest potential often take the longest to find their path because their sensitivity is a double-edged sword… Today’s SNAPPY INSIGHT is a quote from Jeff Brown, author of “Ascending with both feet on the Ground” and “Soulshaping”. I love this quote—it strongly resonates with me. I’m someone […]

Sending an SOS to the Universe: I Need a Miracle

IMAGE: Trouble seeing the STOP sign © Louise A. Shilton “I need a miracle—it’s more than physical what I need to get me through.” Fragma (Toca’s Miracle) In two recent blogs—“A Long Road to Recovery” and “I Need help! Please Show Me Some Signs…”—I wrote about the culmination of my […]