We Are Higher Dimensional Beings

A long time ago higher dimensional beings decided it would be fun to enter into density and forget who they really are. We call them humans…

Today’s SNAPPY INSIGHT was inspired by an excerpt Wendy Kennedy posted from The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective, whom Wendy channels.

In the channelled message “The Great Human Potential” The Collective observes:

“Long ago, higher dimensional beings said, “Wouldn’t it be fun to enter into density, forget who we are, and then try to get out of it? Wouldn’t that be an interesting game?” So you all decided to do it. YOU were the ones that came up with the idea, and you are the very ones that are playing it out here on Earth.”

I love this summation. We are higher dimensional beings having a human experience for the fun of it! We just forgot. We forgot that we are higher beings. And most of us forget to have fun! We get dragged down by the density that we have chosen to experience for the unique challenges and rapid learning that we can accomplish here on Earth. But now, many of us are starting to remember who we really are! We are waking up.

Our natural state is so much more expansive and light. Being in a human body is like wearing a tight shoe for our spirit—our soul. And when we pass over, we throw off the tight shoe and energetically expand again.

I have touched on this concept in other posts and some of my blogs, such as “It’s Just a Ride!”, and “Telepathic Communication from a Soul at the Moment of Passing Over” describes a personal experience I had of hearing the sigh of relief when a loved one of mine shed their physical body and returned to spirit.


Do you believe we are higher dimensional beings choosing to have a lower dimensional experience of density—aka a physical experience—as humans?

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