Tribute to Solly: Pets Have Souls Too

It is my personal belief that animal souls and human souls are in essence the same. A soul is a soul. I don’t personally subscribe to the view that souls in animals are learning how to be a human, or that the evolutionary trajectory of souls is linear at all.

My beliefs are shaped from my personal experiences and relationships with animals, as well as through my mediumship and QHHT work. I have communicated with the spirits of many passed over pets who relayed that they have been human in prior lives and/or were incarnating as human again. I have also had several QHHT clients experience lives in other forms – animal, vegetable and mineral, as the saying goes.

The soul of my dog Solly had a human life prior to his incarnation as my beloved dog companion, and Jon and I knew and loved each other in the 90s. I knew Jon was a soulmate when we first met, and I was devastated by the news of his passing, at 44 years of age, even though we had lost contact several years prior.

From the moment I got Solly, he reminded me of Jon. I didn’t know how it was possible at the time, and had only just started believing that soul consciousness continues after physical death, but I just knew inside that the essence of Jon was in Solly. (Something that has been confirmed repeatedly by another soulmate of mine, my spirit guide Mandy, since she first came into my life.)

After 11 years together, at around 13 years of age, my beloved soulmate and magnificent dog companion Solly made his transition back into Spirit on Sunday 5th May 2019. As a tribute to him, I have made an old blog of mine – “Pets Have Souls Too” – temporarily available again. I hope that this sharing might touch the hearts of others who have loved and lost treasured animal companions with whom they shared a special bond.

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