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"Louise is one of those rare human beings whose honesty, authenticity and gentle care, creates a safe haven for healing. Without a doubt she is a genuine natural healing soul.

Recently, I had the absolute pleasure and privilege of experiencing a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session. During this profound session I was able to undergo a process that has since enabled me to release certain negatively held beliefs about myself. This has allowed me to feel free, light, clear and more able to stand in my power and create solid boundaries. I have been able to let go of disabling energetic connections which has provided me with the courage to follow what I would call my 'true path'.

Thank you Louise for creating a safe container in which I was able to bridge a connection to my Higher Self, resulting in such a beautiful experience."

Jo Cooper (Northern Rivers, NSW)

"I recently had a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session with Louise.  It was the first time that I have ever had hypnosis and I wasn’t really sure what to expect.


Louise provided a very safe and comfortable environment and made sure that I was 100% comfortable with the process.  Louise is very kind, genuine, empathetic and extremely patient.  She is very intuitive and she ‘reads’ her clients well and adjusts the session as she needs to for the benefit of the client. Louise doesn’t take this process lightly and she is very committed to ensuring the best possible outcome for her client.


I felt extremely safe and comfortable with Louise. I am very grateful that Louise allowed the time for us to get to know each other before the session. The information that I received from the session was extremely powerful, relevant to my life and now I can continue knowing I am on the right path.  I would have to say, I wish I had of known about this process a few years ago, I could have saved myself so much time and money instead of following the wrong path. It is definitely worth the investment.


I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Louise again in the future."


Vanessa (Lismore, Northern Rivers, NSW)

"My QHHT session with Louise was just what I needed. Louise was wonderful; she created a safe, supportive space and guided me beautifully through the whole process.

I gained valuable insights, confirmations, and was able to clear emotional blocks from past relationships and events that were holding me back.

I now feel new confidence and courage to move forward in my life. Thank you again, Louise!"

Kaelen Pearson (Northern Rivers, NSW)

"The recent Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session I had with you I can only describe as a deeply profound experience.

I have done a lot of reflection on my session since, and have on several occasions been able to re-experience the feelings, thoughts, vision and parts of the journey that you gently guided me through and toward.

I have had a chronic health condition for many years and while I am still experiencing some health challenges I feel more at peace and less afraid of what each day will bring. I feel more confident and inwardly attractive. I am less bothered by the words and actions of others. I seem to be making food choices on an intuitive level.  I know this is just the embryo of my healing journey.

You helped me to reunite with Source in a way that needs no explanation. It cannot be argued. It is All There Is. Connecting with Source to me feels – clean, crisp, warm, comfortable, welcoming, reassuring, confident, peaceful yet strong. When I arrived there with your help I felt like I had come home. In an instant it all made sense. It felt like spiritual ecstasy.

Put simply, I am deeply grateful for your skill and dedication in what you do. I felt you were guided and inspired in where to go next in our session. I am feeling a definite shift in my health, heart, soul and mind. I feel it is the beginning of huge change for me. Some big blocks are beginning to go.

Thank you is not quite adequate here, Louise… but “Thank you”!"

Julie Tuddenham (SE Queensland)

(One year after her QHHT session with me, Julie emailed me again to say: "I continue to receive the miracle of your help and healing. What you gave to me was a gift I can access now at any time." This is the potential power of a single QHHT session!)

"I felt a dramatic shift during the session, and with Louise's guidance I managed to clear and deal with a deep-seated trauma and ultimately let go of patterns that have been with me my whole life. This has been one of the most exciting healing sessions I've ever experienced. Thank you Louise, I'm looking forward to the next one when the time comes.

I highly recommend Louise on all levels. I feel freer and lighter."

Peter Soddu (Sydney, NSW)

"Thank you so much for my profoundly amazing and wonderful experience!! … There has been so much amazingness to process … !!

I want to thank you firstly for the beautiful spirit that you are!

Your devotion and compassion for your work is incomparable…

Your sheer dedication to embrace and guide with the highest intentions is really profound! The time you take to ensure comfort and trust is a true reflection of your kindhearted soul!!

Your personal and compassionate guidance and support from the beginning was an incredible gift…

I can't tell you how amazing I felt after spending time with you just sharing stories and life insights… Your warmth and genuine love of life and magic and the work you do, made me feel safe and relaxed and incredibly blessed to be in your company!

The journey was unlike anything I could have ever imagined, though I've read every book I could possibly find on the subject!! It was everything I hoped it to be and more! I felt at peace and at ease being guided by your calm and confident expertise…Thank you Louise from the depths of my heart!

I am thrilled to say you have opened my heart to go deeper in knowledge of the universe and the profound gift of being alive and aware of my soul.

It has not even been a week since my experience with you and the difference I feel in myself on so many aspects of my life is a sheer testament to your amazing work! I am in deep gratitude!!

I can't wait to do it all again one day and just can’t thank you enough for what you do and your beautiful dedication!

Thank you Louise."

Eva King (Byron Bay, NSW)

I was lucky enough to hear Louise speak about her life and how she became a Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner. Her talk really resonated with me at the time and I felt she had the skills to assist me.

I wasn’t sure what issues I had to deal with at that time but I knew I had some! I met with Louise and I immediately broke down. It was a weird experience to have with someone I had only just started speaking to but it made me realize that I really needed to address these issues I was subconsciously dealing with.

As I am extremely busy, Louise was kind enough to conduct her session over two afternoons. The hypnosis was held on the second afternoon and I was taken to places that were relevant and required action for me to move on in my life.

Some issues had been buried deep in my past and resurfaced. It was a confronting experience but one I welcomed as it allowed me to address the issues and gain clarity from that time.

After dealing with the issues, I felt physically lighter. Since the session, amazing things have happened in my life. My understanding of key people including my partner, children and work colleagues has been greatly enhanced. I am confident with aspects of my life that I felt I had no control over.

I now have an understanding of other people's feelings and intentions which allows me to confidently deal with various situations in a calm and appropriate manner. My life is moving in a positive direction.

I think this process can assist anyone who wishes to have an insight into who they are as a person and why they may respond in a certain way to certain stimuli. It is an amazing experience and I am so pleased I met Louise.

J.M. (Bangalow, NSW)

"A most natural, calm and relaxed experience. All of my issues and concerns in life were raised and expressed during the interview process.

These were then skilfully woven into the hypnosis session in what felt like the perfect order, each one leading into the next.

Louise kept me floating at just the right level of consciousness, where there were no doubts or uncertainties about the information from my Higher Self.

I have been introduced to the truly infinite expansiveness of my mind, where all my answers lie.

To look into the mirror after the session said it all – total bliss and total peace."

David Ward (Northern Rivers, NSW)

Doing this regression and healing session was one of the most exciting and incredible things I have ever experienced. I would definitely do it again. During the whole day and during the hypnosis part of the session I felt completely comfortable, calm and safe. A very grounding but spiritual experience where I got to "meet" my Higher Self. It was very humbling and I felt so much more in touch with myself and and a timelessness that came with the clear knowledge that I've lived many times before. I guess I have found a greater and even more spiritual perspective on things and an understanding of the person I am and my life lessons.

Emma Eriksson (Ewingsdale, NSW)

Thank you so much for driving to Brisbane and for reorganising your schedule for me. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you. I feel I had a profound experience and had the opportunity yesterday to reflect on, and integrate the experience. I have felt connected to the wider universe and peaceful since the session.
I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to experience those amazing energies and higher frequency beings during the session.
Once again, thank you Louise.”

Michelle Cook (Brisbane, Qld)

Thank you for your totally professional trance session.
It was profoundly helpful to me… I had no idea “I knew” this stuff, and would never have if I had not followed my intuition and had a session with you.
Your professional support and guidance was expertly conducted. Listening to it now!
Very grateful.
Beverly (Northern Rivers, NSW)

"At all times undergoing Past Life Recall Therapy with Louise I have felt extremely comfortable and safe in her care. Her guidance has been of utmost help to me on my healing journey. Each session has been thorough and I have been able to draw upon the information I have needed, which has left me filled with revelation and clarity.

I have found this form of hypnotherapy has aided my learning and self-acceptance simply ‘to be’ and I highly recommend it, and Louise as a practitioner, to all who seek their inner-knowledge."

Ursula Da Silva (Northern Rivers, NSW)

Mediumship Testimonials

"Louise is a very clear channel, impeccably prepared and rigorously professional and grounded. Her ability to move between dimensions and deliver compassionate and meaningful communication is authentic and rock-solid. My session with her was illuminating, to say the least!"


Julia K. (Byron Shire, NSW)


"Louise has been the key to unlocking a heavy grief in me since the passing of my beloved companion and soulmate. I was able to communicate with my dead beloved through Louise.

This was a tender and skilful consultation with confirming accuracies. I have felt comforted, reassured, inspired and have closure to my grief that has renewed my faith in life. I can really feel happy again when I smile.

Louise is a kind and thorough practitioner with great spiritual powers. I recently referred my best mate to her for a consultation to do with career and security issues. Once again Louise demonstrated professional accuracy, insightful wisdom and practical solutions to my mate's circumstances in a kind, clear and detailed manner. She is flexible with time, able to communicate via phone, Skype or online which made for a smooth and rewarding opportunity as I live interstate. I trust her with my heart matters.

Thank you Louise."

Lexton Black (Adelaide, SA)

"Had an amazing connection with spirit during a medium session conducted by Louise. The information she conveyed to me, gave me a clearer understanding and comfort about my career aspirations ahead. Such an authentic channel of love and connection, made me feel very at peace. I would encourage anyone to enjoy and embrace any connective work with Louise."

Beth O'Brien (SE Queensland)

I just wanted to write and tell you how grateful I am that you came into my life.  You have helped me more in one day than my whole year in grief counselling. The mediumship reading was so healing for me, much more than I could have hoped for. All my questions were answered and my mind put at ease.You have set me free Louise. I felt a release, a healing happening within myself. I know now that my aching heart will be healed and I'll be able to move forward with life knowing my soulmate will always be close by.

As I told you before I had seen three mediums in this last year. Mostly I felt they were about the money and the information they gave me was neither healing or helpful. The one woman actually did me harm by telling me my mother was going to die. Their eyes were constantly watching the clock instead of being fully present in the moment. With you it was very clear that it was neither about time or money. It was about using your gift to hopefully bring a message of healing to me. Which is exactly what happened. I felt like a part of the process this time; linked into that triad of energy that was happening, and I felt the connection with my soulmate was genuine and authentic.

You are a fascinating woman and a true gem. I know you have crossed my path for a reason.

M.B. (Tweed Shire, NSW)

"I first met Louise at a Health and Wellbeing Expo held in October 2013 in Lismore. My friend and I felt very drawn to Louise and it didn't take us long to find out why. Louise has her heart and soul in helping others and shows this in many ways. To name a few: she greets you with a warm friendly smile, she is so happy to talk and listen, she makes you feel totally comfortable and at ease, and she genuinely wants to help and guide others.

Louise talked to my friend and I for well over an hour listening and guiding us with her insights, with her kind heart obviously all in it. The second meeting was an arranged meeting for a mediumship reading and general guidance. Louise connected with my Spirit Brother, and brought through his personality with his sense of humour and a song he loved by Bon Jovi.

I feel totally comfortable with Louise and honestly feel she is one of the most genuine people I have met. I look forward to more meetings with Louise."

Shannon Blasche (Casino, NSW)