signs from the universe

Destiny Rescue―When Free Will Takes Us Off Plan

IMAGE: The further we veer off track, the bigger the lifebuoy required! © Louise A. Shilton (2005)   "Our lives are not the result of random acts or events. Lifetimes are wisely and carefully scripted to enhance our learning and spiritual evolution… Destiny points are part of the plan, but […]

Sending an SOS to the Universe: I Need a Miracle

IMAGE: Trouble seeing the STOP sign © Louise A. Shilton “I need a miracle—it’s more than physical what I need to get me through.” Fragma (Toca’s Miracle) In two recent blogs—“A Long Road to Recovery” and “I Need help! Please Show Me Some Signs…”—I wrote about the culmination of my […]

I Need Help! Please Show Me Some Signs…

IMAGE: It’s an emergency—please take my call © Louise A. Shilton In my last blog “A Long Road to Recovery” I wrote about the long insidious decline in my physical health and how I started working out what was actually happening to my body. Western medical doctors had generally been worse […]

Light Body & Angelic Being, or a Trick of the Light?

IMAGES: Sunrise with angels at Evans Head, NSW, Australia. © Louise A. Shilton "I believe in angels. Something good in everything I see." ABBA I took this photo five months ago, after waking up particularly early and spontaneously deciding to drive to my nearest beach, about 50 minutes away at […]

Two Rainbows & 28 Swans: Signs from a Passed Over Loved One 4

IMAGE: The double rainbow when we scattered Dad’s ashes © Louise A. Shilton When my dad passed over in 2005, I was essentially still an atheist. I was working as a wildlife ecologist in a regional office of a major scientific research organisation at the time, and the culture and environment […]