perceptions of reality

What is “The Matrix”?

IMAGE: Light at the end of “The Matrix” © Louise A. Shilton Being ‘The One’ is like being in love. No one can tell you if you’re in love —you just know it, through and through, balls to bone. The Oracle to Neo, during his first visit to see her in “The Matrix” […]

It’s Just a Ride…

IMAGE: Loving the ride – on a friend’s bike, with borrowed gloves and helmet, during a visit to my native England, 1996. © Louise A. Shilton   In my last blog, “The Look of Love is in Your Eyes…” I talked about different perceptions of reality, and how we can alter our perception of […]

The Look of Love is in Your Eyes…

IMAGE: Seeing the world through rose-tinted glass. © Louise A. Shilton “The look of love is in your eyes” is the opening line to a wonderful Burt Bacharach song, famously sung by Dusty Springfield in 1967, but also covered by other artists. There is a saying “to see the world through […]