lucid dreaming

Astral Travelling & Lucid Dreaming 4

IMAGE: Astro-travel painting in a Boston cafe © Louise A. Shilton Although I had heard of astral travel (aka astral projection), I really hadn’t given it much thought until quite recently. I was probably still a bit skeptical about it to be honest—although this was tempered by recalling some experiences I […]

What is “The Matrix”?

IMAGE: Light at the end of “The Matrix” © Louise A. Shilton Being ‘The One’ is like being in love. No one can tell you if you’re in love —you just know it, through and through, balls to bone. The Oracle to Neo, during his first visit to see her in “The Matrix” […]

“I’m Not Ready to go Yet!” Declared my Soul…

IMAGE: Cassowary sign to encourage careful driving at Mission Beach, Queensland, Australia © Louise A. Shilton   In March 2004, just two months after migrating for a job with a major scientific organisation in Australia, I was badly injured as a front seat passenger in a car accident (some of […]