life after life

Honouring Spirit―Life Goes On… 2

IMAGE: Tides of life © Louise A. Shilton   A few days ago marked the ninth anniversary of my dad’s passing over. In the months and days leading up to his passing, he shared his emotional state with me energetically. And in the moments before he passed over—before his soul […]

You’re Not Alone

IMAGE: Angel wings bone—whale vertebra(?)—that I found washed up on a beach in New Zealand All humans have [spirit] guides and helpers—you are all connected to much larger [soul] families than you may be aware of. Darryl Anka channelling Bashar, Tuning In Movie Just last night my mum asked me on the […]

Past Lives in the Present 2

IMAGE: Me on Anak Krakatau, Indonesia, when it erupted in March 1996—feels like a past life in my present life! © Louise A. Shilton Something that made a lasting impression on me during my personal search for explanations about the soul, and the true nature of our human existence, was […]

Insights About the Afterlife: Let’s Go Crazy!

IMAGE: My original 1984 “Let’s Go Crazy” extended version on 12-inch vinyl © Louise A. Shilton   From a very young age, I've really loved music. (And I still do.)   I bought my first two 7-inch vinyls (aka 45s) with saved up pocket money when I was just six years old. […]

Two Rainbows & 28 Swans: Signs from a Passed Over Loved One 4

IMAGE: The double rainbow when we scattered Dad’s ashes © Louise A. Shilton When my dad passed over in 2005, I was essentially still an atheist. I was working as a wildlife ecologist in a regional office of a major scientific research organisation at the time, and the culture and environment […]