Lee Harris

On the Importance of Having Healthy Boundaries 2

IMAGE: Breaching boundaries can leave us a bit wrecked… © Louise A. Shilton (Shipwrecks in the Phoenix Islands Protected Area, Kiribati.) Developing healthy boundaries is hugely important on the journey of awakening, as we open ourselves up to greater feeling and love. As a highly sensitive person who is acutely tuned […]

Pets Have Souls Too―And Sometimes They Alert Us to Others

IMAGE: Solly being a typical dog―freshly rolled in mud and fox shit! © Louise A. Shilton I have just finished reading the wonderful book Pets Have Souls Too by Jenny Smedley―an animal communicator and past life therapist based in the UK. I was delighted to find this book recently, as pets and […]

Transformation, Ascension & Evolution

Transformation, ascension & evolution were never designed to be a single, quantum leap into a new reality. It’s a process… Today’s SNAPPY INSIGHT is a quote from a newsletter article by Jennifer Hoffman—one of my favourite channellers and spiritual teachers—titled “Out On A Limb and Deep In the Valley”. Hoffman […]


Emergence – the journey begins inside you before you can move beyond fear and start emerging into your life more fully… Today’s SNAPPY INSIGHT is another quote from Lee Harris’ annual message “2014: Year of Emergence”, which was posted yesterday. Like a snake preparing to shed its old skin, or […]

The Temper Trap

IMAGE: Warning sign—can you read it? © Louise A. Shilton   “Anger is an energy” “Rise” by Public Image Ltd (PiL)   I decided to write my next blog about positive and negative thinking—the glass half full versus the glass half empty. But then I’ve found myself feeling quite flat […]

Opening Up: Spiritual Awakening & Soul Ascension

PHOTO: The beautiful inner light of an opened mussel shell © Louise A. Shilton The world is experiencing chaos and conflict at higher levels than ever before, because of the rise and the opening in consciousness that’s happening. Lee Harris, December 2013 Energy Forecast. Spiritual awakening and soul ascension are massive […]

You Say I’m Emotional Like It’s a Bad Thing!

IMAGE: You say I… Like it’s a Bad Thing! © Louise A. Shilton   I remember my mum saying I was “too sensitive” when I was young. I also remember her saying that I “cared too much about other people”.  I vividly recall feeling some shock at the latter statement one […]