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Practising the Art of Letting Go

IMAGE: When holding something precious, we resist letting go © Louise A. Shilton “Now I’ve opened up my heart How can I (re)turn to the dark?” Nitin Sawhney (Letting Go) Whenever I think of “letting go”, the beautiful Nitin Sawhney song of the same name echoes through my mind—this simple but powerful philosophy […]

Healing Through Trauma

The willingness to face traumas—be they large, small, primitive or fresh—is the key to healing from them… Today’s SNAPPY INSIGHT is a quote from “The Trauma of Being Alive”—an article by psychiatrist Mark Epstein that was published in The New York Times in August last year. I wholeheartedly believe that […]

Past Life Recall Therapy: Remembering & Revisiting Past Lives

IMAGE: Some reading from past life therapies © Louise A. Shilton In my earlier blog Past Lives in the Present I mentioned that I had a lightbulb moment in late 2010 when I first read Brian Weiss’ seminal book on the subject of past life regression hypnosis Many Lives, Many Masters—from its […]

Telepathic Communication from a Soul at the Moment of Passing Over 4

IMAGE: Signs of hope across a bleak but beautiful landscape where a shipwreck endures © Louise A. Shilton Dying is the easiest thing you will ever do because you are re-emerging back into the world of spirit—back to where you came from—back to your source. It is really always a pleasant […]

Welcome to the Life & Soul Insights Blog! 6

IMAGE: Big little life soul insights blog—word cloud using Tagxedo (tagxedo.com).   So, why Life & Soul Insights? Well, quite simply, this is my passion!!!   It is also the name of my business, and Life & Soul has the same initials as my name, Louise A. Shilton, but I […]