evolution of humanity

Honouring Spirit―Life Goes On… 2

IMAGE: Tides of life © Louise A. Shilton   A few days ago marked the ninth anniversary of my dad’s passing over. In the months and days leading up to his passing, he shared his emotional state with me energetically. And in the moments before he passed over—before his soul […]

The History of Humanity & the New Earth

This is a time… to wake up out of the madness. Because the history of humanity is basically the history of insanity… Today’s SNAPPY INSIGHT is an excerpt from Eckhart Tolle’s interviews in 1 Giant Leap’s “What About Me?”—an audio-visual masterpiece. (The link provided is to an official video about the making […]

Are You Gonna Go My Way? Reflections on Relationships…

IMAGE: Soulshaping figures from my 2012 “Evolving Souls” Ceramics Series © Louise A. Shilton “We must engage and rearrange And turn this planet back to One… We’ve got to dance and be in love (But what I really wanna know is) Are you gonna go my way?” Lenny Kravitz—Are You Gonna Go […]