Honouring Spirit―Life Goes On… 2

IMAGE: Tides of life © Louise A. Shilton   A few days ago marked the ninth anniversary of my dad’s passing over. In the months and days leading up to his passing, he shared his emotional state with me energetically. And in the moments before he passed over—before his soul […]

Experiencing the Suicide of a Loved One

This blog is an excerpt from my earlier blog Telepathic Communication from a Soul at the Moment of Passing Over. I have decided to re-post this excerpt as today is World Suicide Prevention Day. I will blog more in the future about suicide in the spiritual context, as any suicide […]

Telepathic Communication from a Soul at the Moment of Passing Over 4

IMAGE: Signs of hope across a bleak but beautiful landscape where a shipwreck endures © Louise A. Shilton Dying is the easiest thing you will ever do because you are re-emerging back into the world of spirit—back to where you came from—back to your source. It is really always a pleasant […]

Two Rainbows & 28 Swans: Signs from a Passed Over Loved One 4

IMAGE: The double rainbow when we scattered Dad’s ashes © Louise A. Shilton When my dad passed over in 2005, I was essentially still an atheist. I was working as a wildlife ecologist in a regional office of a major scientific research organisation at the time, and the culture and environment […]