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On the Importance of Having Healthy Boundaries 2

IMAGE: Breaching boundaries can leave us a bit wrecked… © Louise A. Shilton (Shipwrecks in the Phoenix Islands Protected Area, Kiribati.) Developing healthy boundaries is hugely important on the journey of awakening, as we open ourselves up to greater feeling and love. As a highly sensitive person who is acutely tuned […]

I Need Help! Please Show Me Some Signs…

IMAGE: It’s an emergency—please take my call © Louise A. Shilton In my last blog “A Long Road to Recovery” I wrote about the long insidious decline in my physical health and how I started working out what was actually happening to my body. Western medical doctors had generally been worse […]

A Long Road to Recovery: A Personal Story about Restoring Health & Rebuilding Resilience

IMAGE: The long road ahead © Louise A. Shilton   Many people are familiar with the adage “You are what you eat”, and there is a great deal of truth to this saying. However, what we eat is not the whole story, as I discovered ‘the hard way’.   Putting […]