Practising the Art of Letting Go

IMAGE: When holding something precious, we resist letting go © Louise A. Shilton “Now I’ve opened up my heart How can I (re)turn to the dark?” Nitin Sawhney (Letting Go) Whenever I think of “letting go”, the beautiful Nitin Sawhney song of the same name echoes through my mind—this simple but powerful philosophy […]

A Choice Between Suffering & Acceptance 2

Seeking what we want from people who can’t give it to us leads to suffering—recognising what someone can’t give you leads to acceptance… Today’s SNAPPY INSIGHT was inspired by something Jennifer Hoffman said during a course I did with her a year ago: “We go after the things that we […]

The Temper Trap

IMAGE: Warning sign—can you read it? © Louise A. Shilton   “Anger is an energy” “Rise” by Public Image Ltd (PiL)   I decided to write my next blog about positive and negative thinking—the glass half full versus the glass half empty. But then I’ve found myself feeling quite flat […]

Aligned or Not Aligned? That is the Question!

IMAGE: Out of alignment. Figures from my “Evolving Souls” Ceramics Series © Louise A. Shilton On the Life & Soul Insights facebook page earlier today I posted on the topic of how we personally suffer when we seek things from another that they are simply unwilling—or unable—to give us. We […]