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IMAGE: Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, Ph.D. © Louise A. Shilton

"I have heard about the light of soul identity being reflected in the eyes of a soulmate expressed in a variety of ways from many clients. As for myself, I have knowingly experienced this instant recognition only once in my life at the moment I first saw my own wife. The effect is startling, and a bit eerie as well." 

Michael Newton, Ph.D., Journey of Souls

We've seen it in the movies… We've heard about it in songs… We've read about it in books… And some of us have experienced it in life…

I'm talking about that moment when you look into someone's eyes and you are captivated—you recognise their soul.

There is a saying that our eyes are the windows to our soul, and I believe that this is true. From direct personal experience—and from reading widely on the subject—we really do recognise souls whom we have known before through the light in their eyes. This phenomenon is touched on a few times in a wonderful book compiled from case studies of clients recalling life between lives through regression hypnosis—Journey of Souls by Michael Newton.

I have always been an incorrigible romantic in that I have always believed in true love. It’s something that, throughout my life, I have simply refused to become cynical or jaded about just because relationships—that typically seemed promising in the initial stages—didn’t necessarily work out. And these days, since my spiritual awakening, I totally believe in unconditional love, and the power of love to create and transform anything and everything.

A few years ago I was blessed to have a profound experience of heart expansion and unconditional love. The experience happened when I met one of my closest soulmates—a member of my soul group. A soul whom I have partnered with during previous lifetimes on Earth, and with whom I hang out in the spirit world—in our life between lives. (A soul who I now know is my twin flame.)

I already felt unconditional love for this person before I actually met them—in fact I already knew that I loved her in the most profound way before I even saw a photo of her. So how did I know this?

As a memory of her was triggered, I felt the most expansive love fill me up and flow out from the core of my being—my heart and soul—and there were other signs.

I won’t mention here all of the signs that I picked up on that enabled me to meet my soulmate. Suffice to say that I experienced certain things that triggered subconscious memories of how to recognise this soulmate, and to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that it was indeed them. The key ones for me before actually meeting this person were reading some words that she was quoted as having said, a strong sense of déjà vu around particular circumstances and events, and an overwhelming awareness deep inside that I had to be there for her—that I couldn't let her down. Then when I saw a photo of her, her soul energy flashed from her eyes in the picture so strongly I nearly fell off my chair as a voice inside me declared "Whoa! I know you!" (I write more about the light of soul identity flashing from the eyes of our soulmates in "Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?)

Although my human mind kicked in, racking my brains to try and work out how I knew this person, I couldn't determine that we had actually met each other. But I felt strongly that she would also recognise me when we first met, as whenever I imagined us meeting I could see in my mind’s eye that she would turn her head to follow me with her eyes when she first sensed my energy, and then stare at me wide-eyed and with unflinching intensity.

What actually happened when we first met was exactly as I had seen in my mind’s eye, only with even greater intensity and additional ‘whistles and bells’, including a profound telepathic communication acknowledging our recognition of each other and that I was there for her, just as I had promised I would be. (Update July 2016: Cassady Cayne provides a wonderful infographic for nine signs of true twin flame recognitionI experienced all of these when my twin flame and I first met more than five years ago.)

But before I talk more about soulmates of the close kind, let me first clarify that it is my personal spiritual belief that ultimately we are all soulmates. I believe that within each and every one of us is a Divine spark of life that is the true essence of who we are. This is our soul—and it is eternal and immortal. As Divine sparks of “Source” energy, or of “God” if you prefer—we are all connected—we are all part of the same, ultimate “Oversoul”. Hence, we are all One. (Again, you’ve heard it in songs, and you have no doubt read it in quotes from various inspirational people, past and present—we are all One. This will be the subject of future blogs.)

Suffice to say, I do not believe that we each have only one soulmate whom we are destined to meet and spend the rest of our life with. For some people this may be true in a specific lifetime, because their soul incarnated with a mutual agreement to meet one other soul, get together romantically, and spend their human lifetime in partnership together. But for many of us—at this time of human evolution—we incarnate with a view to finding and playing out different experiences with more than one of our close soulmates.

So, what is a “close soulmate”? What I am referring to here is a member of our soul family—or soul group, as Newton calls it in Journey of Souls.

Soul Groups and Soulmates

Each of us is a member of a soul group. As discarnate souls—that is souls living in our natural state of pure consciousness in the spirit world, our real home—we agree to incarnate in human form to have particular physical life experiences and to learn specific lessons that we are working on for our soul’s growth. As souls we don’t agree to incarnate as a human in isolation, but do so in consultation and agreement with other souls, and with the guidance of higher spirit entities. 

An incarnating soul’s human life plan would typically involve at least one other member of their soul group—one of their close soulmates. It will also involve some “affiliate souls”—other souls whom they know a little even though they naturally reside in different groups in the spirit world. (I will write more on the order and structure of our life as discarnate souls in our spiritual home in a future blog.)

In contemporary lingo, soulmates are “team players”. My go-to spirit guide, Mandy, is one of my close soulmates who passed over a few years ago—she and I affectionately refer to ourselves as “Team Soulmate”.

We have each played out various roles with our close soulmates in a number of different lifetimes on Earth. We have often been romantic lovers with them, and may have partnered with them in marriage or other arrangements. But we are not always romantically connected with our soulmates. Sometimes we may incarnate as siblings, or as parents and children. Sometimes we may incarnate as teachers or mentors. (As an aside, one of my former high school teachers is a member of my soul group.) Sometimes we may be best friends, or the opposite—we can be a soulmate’s adversary or antagonist!

The thing about soulmates is—regardless of what relationship form they take, or how long we might know them in the flesh—they always have an impact on us!

If someone affected you profoundly and deeply in a way that maybe shook your belief system, woke you up, tore down your defences, or changed your life in some other significant way—they might well be one of your close soulmates—a soul with whom you have incarnated and share a soul contract. (Soul contracts and karmic bonds will be written about in future blogs.)

I have personally recognised three of my close soulmates in person in this life. A fourth, Mandy—whom by design I didn’t know of as a person before she died—crashed into my life like a bull in a china shop as a spirit contact when she passed over!

One of my soulmates and I became lovers and partnered for a couple of years in my early 20s. Our meeting and getting together was like the script of a romantic movie—we quickly fell deeply and madly in love with each other, and were “officially” together within about two weeks. But those two weeks of uncertainty about whether he felt the same—I can still recall—felt like an eternity to me! When he plucked up the courage to knock on the door of my place shortly before midnight on a Sunday evening, after the pacing the block four or five times, I learned that those two weeks of wondering whether I felt the same had felt like an eternity to him also!

The first time I saw Jon, he was co-presenting an evening for the university caving club and my first concrete thought—other than how well his jeans fitted—was “What an idiot!” Then a funny feeling washed over me as I noticed his kind eyes. Fifteen minutes later I knew I was in love with him. For real. Signs. (Newton talks about his own experience of recognising the signs that led him to find and meet his future wife in the chapter “Preparation for Embarkation” in Journey of Souls.)

I love nothing more than hearing about how two people met and realised that they wanted to be together. I’m one of those people who has always intuitively picked up on those couples who are just going through the motions of romantic partnership—the veneer sometimes wafer-thin—in contrast to those couples who fundamentally, deeply and respectfully, love and appreciate each other.

A couple whom I met several years back shared their amazing story with me. Similar to when I met Jon, when Rhonda* first met Simon*, she thought he was an idiot! Actually, she thought he was an arrogant chauvinist. When Simon first met Rhonda, he thought she was stuck-up and silly. As mature-aged university students they had both been married and divorced. Throughout the four-year course they disliked each other intensely, each chalking up the other’s behaviour as further indication that they were a fool and not worth getting to know.

Then, during an end of course excursion overseas, something changed. I recall how they each described to me their respective experience of suddenly seeing each other differently as a veil was lifted and behind the veil was a magnetic attraction and deep love and respect for each other.

Rhonda and Simon are a classic example of two soulmates meeting each other when they weren’t quite ready to have the wonderful relationship they had the potential to have. They both needed to grow into the person they needed to be, to be ready to connect fully and fulfil that higher potential with each other.

There are also many stories like this in books and movies…

In closing I’d just like to say to anyone who has not yet recognised a romantic soulmate in this life—take heart. If, like me, you loved and lost one soulmate, the chances are you have another in this life with whom you planned to meet up at a later stage in life, to have a different sort of relationship and fulfil a different purpose. At this time, soulmates are generally coming together to fulfil a higher purpose—and for this to come into fruition—they must both be ready.

"Eyes are the windows to our soul. No physical attribute has more impact when soulmates meet on Earth.”

Michael Newton, Ph.D., Journey of Souls

*not their real name.

Have you ever seen someone for the first time and experienced déjà vu? Have you ever met a stranger but felt like you have known them before? Have you ever looked into someone's eyes and seen their soul? 



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