Café de Flore: Soulmates, Twin Flames & Healing Karma from Past Lives


IMAGE: Café de Flore—a beautiful movie about soulmates, twin flames, and healing karma from past lives © Louise A. Shilton

I recently saw the movie “Café de Flore” for the first time. I absolutely loved it. I’m sure it’s one I’ll watch again and again.

The story is set in Montreal, and thus has the feel of a French-European movie. It has brilliantly authentic performances from the whole cast—Vanessa Paradis is outstanding, in my humble opinion, as are the performances by a couple of young kids with Down Syndrome. It’s a modern love story whose central character is an internationally successful music DJ, and so the movie has a great soundtrack that is also an integral part of the storyline.

But for me, the most exciting thing about this movie is the ease and convincingly true to life way in which it explores soulmate relationships, and how past lives, and past life karma, can play out in the present. Like the movie “Cloud Atlas”—which I blogged about recently—“Café de Flore” interweaves the present day lives of its lead characters alongside a recent past life that they shared. It’s a delightful story and beautifully touching movie about love, loyalty, and destiny.

Antoine, a soulfully charismatic and successful DJ, believes in soulmates. But, like many people, he mistakenly thinks that by definition, he has only one—and that, once you’ve met that one soulmate, the romantic relationship is supposed to last forever. (As an aside, I love the way he talks about this with his psychologist, and the counsellor clearly has no comprehension of the power of the love and heartache that Antoine is experiencing—he just thinks he is a romantic. Very true to life—no-one can really relate to the power of the close soulmate connection until they have experienced it themselves.)

Antoine is happily married to his childhood sweetheart—who is a soulmate—but then he meets Rose. He’s captivated—he can’t take his eyes off her—but they are both respectful of his committed relationship. However, destiny guides Antoine and Rose to meet again, and he chooses to be with her. And while his life is seemingly perfect on the outside, he is plagued with guilt and some confusion about how he could have chosen to leave his wife if she was indeed his soulmate.

His ex-wife, Carole, is similarly perplexed and, in declaring to their daughters that he and she were "written in the stars", she tries to remain confident that he will eventually come back to her. But she is beset by recurring dreams that escalate to the point where she visits a medium to gain some insight into who the characters in her dreams are.

To her delight, Carole discovers that she, Antoine and Rose shared a previous lifetime together. However, what she must come to terms with is, while she and Antoine are indeed soulmates, she is not his twin flame—Rose is.

Under skeptical vetting from Carole’s best friend, the medium explains:

“The meeting of twin flames is when the soul finds its other half, on the path homeward to the Source. The cycle of reincarnation ends. It’s the final relationship that leads to Unity.”

Once Carole accepts that Antoine and Rose are twin flames, she is able to acknowledge that they were destined to be together, and that it would be wrong to try to keep them apart. And with this revelation, she attains a sense of peace and gives their union her heartfelt blessing.

I will blog more about the concept of twin flames as the closest of soulmates—as literally the other half of the soul unit—in the future. Much of what has previously been written about twin flames suggests that they have not had previous incarnations, or past lives, together. But I worked out that this isn’t always the case—partly from direct experience, and also from channelling my spirit guides and higher sources. Many twin flames have shared previous incarnations—but they have not yet completed a lifetime together.

And, the Universe just gave me a sign that I am on the right track with my understanding here, as I literally just googled about twin flames to source something for closing this blog, and read for the first time an article that was originally posted in June 2012: "How Do I Know If I’ve Found My Twin Flame?

This article by Max and Lana of “in5d”, is by far the most compelling, and I would say accurate, of the information I have previously read about twin flame soulmates and their (re)union. This resonates strongly with some of my own experiences and memories, and that of a couple of friends of mine who have also discovered their twin flames in this life.

As Max and Lana indicate in their articles, more twin flame partners have incarnated at this time than ever before in human history, as the tremendous power of reunited twin flames is much needed to help shift the energy on the planet. Twin flames have a shared purpose above and beyond the bliss of their romantic union—when twin flames reunite, they are a force to be reckoned with—they join together to be of service by catalysing and inspiring positive change.

UPDATE: 20 April 2015

Another article about the nature of the twin flame dynamic and reunion process, which resonates strongly with my own experience so far, is written by "The Mirror of My Soul – Stories of You, Me and Eternity”. Although the article is called "Severing cords with your twin flame, it actually explains why this is not possible energetically, at a soul level:

"No matter what anyone tells you, NO ONE, not even the Twins themselves can break the special eternal cords between them … The bond may be weakened, and their final union delayed, but they cannot be separated permanently … For no matter what you or anyone else says or does, there are unbreakable spiritual bonds and cords under divine protection that cannot and will not be severed."

UPDATE: 18 September 2015

I have just been guided to a new source of credible information about twin flames and the twin flame reunion process—Kathleen Cranton's "Twin Flame Runner" website blogs and "Twin Flame Reunion Mastery" eBook. I recommend this eBook for anyone experiencing the sometimes challenging and confusing, albeit compelling, magical and ultimately wonderful journey of what they believe is a twin flame dynamic.

What Cranton writes in her eBook strongly resonates with my own twin flame journey thus far (five years). The one thing I would add is to not take the description of "male" and "female" twin flames too literally—better to interpret these as the "masculine" and "feminine" twin flame aspects, which may or may not be male and female, respectively, in this physical incarnation. Certainly, in same-sex twin flames it is not immediately apparent who is the "masculine" and who is the "feminine" twin flame aspect. (I believe I know this in my own situation, but I am open to it being the other way around!) I suspect that even in sexually heterosexual twin flame partners, the masculine and feminine aspects could actually be incarnated as female and male, respectively. Remember, twin flames who have incarnated together in this physical lifetime are inherently advanced souls—and advanced souls love to learn and grow from a range of different experiences, so why not mix up the gender roles a bit! (You can read more about how our souls are genderless in my blog "The Genderless Soul”.)

Regardless of physical gender identity, Cranton describes how the person who is the feminine twin flame aspect is more in touch with their intuition, and typically becomes aware of the true nature of the soul connection before the person who is the masculine twin flame aspect. The person who is the masculine twin flame aspect is more likely to doubt the validity of the connection and try to apply mental logic or treat the connection as they would a general attraction to another person.

Cranton also touches on "dark forces" that sometimes work against the twin flame reunion—typically jealous friends who try to spread gossip about one of the twin flame partners to unsettle the confidence of the other. This has certainly been a factor during my own twin flame reunion journey, with some people actively trying to prevent my twin from learning the truth about our own connection and the involvement of our mutual soulmate in spirit in guiding us to meet each other, and continuing to support us so that we can unite as a team with her, and start having some fun working on our shared soul mission together!

Cranton calls other people who interfere in a twin flame connection "Twin Flame Haters", but I prefer to call them "twin flame meddlers". Regardless of how we describe them, one thing seems clear—this sort of interference and meddling by other people only ends when both twin flame partners acknowledge their connection and decide to join forces and work together as a team.

UPDATE: 21 December 2015

There is a lot of information about Twin Flames available online, but as with all things, it pays to be discerning. As a general rule, with information on anything at all, and regardless of the source, I recommend taking what resonates and leaving what doesn't. I personally do not actively search for information on Twin Flames. When I find new information on Twin Flames I know it has been guided by Spirit, typically by my go-to spirit guide—a close soulmate who is hugely supportive of my Twin Flame and I aligning our energies and connecting fully to work together on our shared mission with her as a Team.

Recently I was guided to a relatively new source of empowering information about Twin Flames—Cassady Cayne's Twin Flames 11:11 website blogs and other resources. I particularly appreciate the clarity and positivity with which Cayne explains the process of energetic alignment Twin Flames go through. Whether they are aware and consciously working on themselves in this way or not, uncovering and restoring the full energetic alignment Twin Flames share at the soul level ultimately requires each of them to clear negative energies from their own, and their shared, energetic fields.

Twin Flame partners must clear their shared energetic field of other people's energies, blocks, fears, past hurts, karma and negativity in order for them to unite in the true nature of their unconditional love and harmony—to restore themselves to the unique soul resonance that the two of them share—and the FREE energetic clearing and vibrational alignment tools that Cayne offers on her website support this work. However, while Cayne (whose own twin is in spirit) describes that one of the twins can do the work for both, my own guidance indicates that while one of the Twin Flame partners can certainly lead this work for both, and clear energy from the twins' shared energetic field, it still requires both partners to work on themselves and to reach sufficient awareness of the nature of their true connection for them to surrender to their (re)union. My personal understanding is that both partners must choose to clear fears and negativity within themselves, to not allow the interference of others, and to focus on the deep love connection they share with their twin in order for the twins to reach a harmonious union in the physical. (Otherwise it's a bit like one person diligently cleaning the house, while the other continues invite others inside with muddy boots on! It becomes an endless and seemingly thankless task…)

In reality the Twin Flame SOULS are ALWAYS connected in love and working towards harmony being achieved in the physical—it's the human ego that can get in the way of the process by not going within and LISTENING to the true desires of their heart and soul.

Lest this sound too daunting a task—one of the Cayne's recent blogs provides a wonderful summary of "Reasons Why You Are Crazy Lucky to be a Twin Flame!" I couldn't agree more with Cayne on this! I personally have grown so much as a person and experienced so many wonderful and magical things on my own Twin Flame journey—I wouldn't change it for the world. To experience unconditional love—even for a moment—is truly Divine. Unconditional love is the true nature of our consciousness—the essence of who and what we really are—and our Twin Flame reminds us so.

UPDATE: 26 December 2015

Cassady Cayne (Twin Flames 11:11) has kindly provided a top ten compilation of her "most popular and actionable, help-filled articles" on from 2015 to help Twin Flames move forward and make the best of 2016.

It's my first time reading these articles as I post this, and I have to say they are excellent!

Topics include: Twin Flame sexual intimacy; monogamy; telepathy; soul magnetism; shared soul missions; soul urges (the Twins' deep longing for each other and the ultimate love union); outgrowing old friendships/relationships and how to leave other relationships in the highest vibration (for the highest good of all concerned); why fears are triggered and cause (temporary) Twin separation; the role of spirit guides in supporting and nudging the Twins to make the best choices for themselves; the need to clear negative energies and outside influences from other people; and their soul's brave and ambitious pre-planning that they would find each other and come together in the physical plane (Twin Flame reunion), to reach their highest potential, combine their energies, and assist others and the Earth in Ascension and evolution. (A nice article referring to the latter, and which isn't included in Cayne's Top Ten compilation, is the Twin Flames Energy Forecast Spring Equinox 2015-2016.

UPDATE: 2 January 2016

Cassady Cayne (Twin Flames 11:11) has provided a new top ten compilation of her "most controversial twin flame posts".

In "How to end Twin Flame separation and get to Twin Flame Union" Cayne states "Union cannot happen while the Twins are still congested energetically, attached to previous lovers, or in a low vibration". For me, this highlights why it is essential that both Twins participate in energy clearing work on themselves for their shared energetic connection to remain sufficiently clear and open for them to align, and unite in their unconditional love in the most harmonious way possible.

UPDATE: 21 January 2016

Cassady Cayne (Twin Flames 11:11) has posted an update addressing the energies for Twin Flames in 2016.

This blog contains some wonderful kernels of encouragement for Twins, regardless of the stage they are at on their own Twin Flame reunion journey. Two paragraphs that jumped out at me are provided below, but I recommend reading Cayne's whole "Twin Flames Union and Ascension Update for 2016 blog.

Themes for Twins in 2016… “The Divine Union between Twin Flames is above all a balancing act – a return to the natural harmony that was between you at the dawn of existence. A removal of dissonance and blocks, to get back to complete openness and harmony – Unconditional Love.”


A Journey of Learning… “Twin Flames are brave souls who have set themselves the challenge and great gift of experiencing and sharing unconditional love with each other in the physical realm, and with the world itself. Again, you knew when you came here that it can be done. You are here for this reason.”


UPDATE: 2 February 2016

Cassady Cayne (Twin Flames 11:11) has posted an energy update for the first week of February 2016: "Sleeper Twins Awakening.

In this post Cayne addresses the healing capacity of sexual love and physical intimacy for Twin Flames. Indeed, kundalini awakening is a sign of true twin flame connection, and apparently the physical union between twin flames—connecting all the chakras—can literally burn away anything that remains unhealed in their energies.

I personally experienced the initiation of kundalini awakening when I first met my twin flame in the physical (although I didn't understand what it was at the time)—and I understand that it was ignited in her too. Although my twin flame and I have not been physically intimate, our energies have joined and given us a taste of the profound level of intimacy possible on a few occasions—when we have been in physical proximity, as well as when we have been geographically separated. 

UPDATE: 3 February 2016

There's a sense that things are really ramping up for a lot of Twin Flames at this time! 

Cassady Cayne (Twin Flames 11:11) has just posted her first YouTube video "How to End Twin Flame Separation. This short video is well worth watching. The first two minutes brilliantly illustrate the twin flame soul connection and recognition versus human conundrum, and the nature of the energy clearing work that both twins must do to restore their unique soul resonance. As Cayne says at the start of the video, Twin Flames are essentially "one soul in two bodies".

UPDATE: 23 February 2016

In her latest post, Cassady Cayne (Twin Flames 11:11) provides insight into why sometimes it's hard to feel love and loved when we feel we most need it. Cayne says, "If we’re on a low frequency, we’re out of tune with Love. It’s there, but we can’t feel it. Shift your energy to open up to it once more." This, incidentally, is also true for connection with spirit in general. Spirit operates on higher frequencies, so we need to be able to raise our own energy—our vibration—to tune into their frequency or allow them to meet us 'half way'. The Twin Flame reunion journey escalates all manner of energetic clearing so that the natural, high vibration soul song can be reached once again by both partners. In "The Truth About Running" Cayne says, "Twin Flame relationships trigger ALL wounds to come up for clearing, so that the Twins can reunite in Unconditional Love. If there’s a perfectionist lurking in your background somewhere, any turbulence you’re going through right now is almost certain to be related to that in some way."

UPDATE: 5 March 2016

In her latest post, Cassady Cayne (Twin Flames 11:11) provides a great infographic on the Twin Flame (Re)Union process. Check it out here!

UPDATE: 25 April 2016

Cassady Cayne (Twin Flames 11:11) has continued to provide great articles on various aspects of Twin Flames and their journey towards reunion in the human experience. Recent blogs of hers have covered why Twin Flames hurt each other, dealing with other people's negativity and interference, and the difference between Twin Flames and soulmates. (I buck the trend a little by sometimes referring to a Twin Flame as a "twin flame soulmate" as I believe that, in essence, twin flames are each other's closest soulmate. But I also do this because of the particular circumstances of my own Twin Flame journey and the intimate involvement of our mutual soulmate in spirit in not only guiding us to meet, but also in working behind the scenes to help us unite so that we can work together with her as a team on our shared soul mission.)

This morning I read Cayne's recent channelled message for Twin Flames from Higher Realms. It was so poignant for me that I welled up with tears and repeatedly had to wipe my eyes to continue reading it. I highly recommend this blog to anyone who feels they have met their twin flame, especially if you are feeling despondent, hurt, confused, or over it all together. It provides wonderful encouragement in reminding twins that we are brave souls who have embarked on this journey together, but seemingly apart—that we believed in the power of our love and the strength of our connection so strongly that we agreed to take on huge challenges for the collective good in the confidence that we could overcome any obstacles and be reunited in our unconditional love.

There are many beautiful phrases and words of encouragement in Cayne's blog, but I feel to quote just this one for you here:

"You trusted that you could get through anything together, and to rediscover that pure love is what connects you."

UPDATE: 5 August 2016

Cassady Cayne (Twin Flames 11:11) has just posted a new channelled message for twin flames from Archangel Michael and the Archangels of Light.

In this message, the Archangels express how excited they are for twin flames as they can see the exciting adventures ahead of us, and they're supporting us all the way. They remind us that we came here to be pioneers of love, and encourage us to have more fun with this—we are here for LOVE.

Once again I'm blown away not only by how much this message resonates with me personally in terms of my own situation and experiences, but also by the poignancy of their reminder that we are part of a bigger team, and an even bigger mission—and these are important times for us moving forward.

Again, there are many beautiful phrases and words of encouragement in Cayne's blog, but a simple phrase "You are love" reminded me of a beautiful recording by Lee Harris, which I bathed in when I first discovered Lee's work at the start of 2012. It begins: "You are clear. You are ready. There is nothing in your past in the way of your future. There is nothing in your future that will be anything like your past."


UPDATE: 13 December 2016

Cassady Cayne (Twin Flames 11:11) recently posted something a bit different: a quiz for Twin Flames to assess for themselves how ready they are energetically to authentically connect with their twin!

This is a great tool and fun to use. As humans, we all tend to fluctuate energetically at times, depending on what is going on for us, so this tool can give us a snapshot of how we are doing currently. As I answered the questions for myself, I was aware that there have been times on my own journey when I would have scored more favourably in a few areas. So bare this in mind too when you do the quiz yourself—observe those areas that you know you have been more elevated in at times, and those areas that might still need some conscious effort on your part.

A really nice thing about this tool is that you can do the quiz again and again to see how you are doing overall on your own journey, and how areas of learning and growth relate to your readiness to be with your twin, and vice versa.

And, if anyone is interested, I first did this quiz a few days ago when I was feeling in a funk, and my score was in the Acceptance to Reason range. I answered the questions again honestly in terms of where I know I have been until some recent events shook me up, and I was in the Love to Joy range. Now I've shifted the funk, I'm back into the Reason to Love range. Curious about what these ranges mean? You'll have to do the quiz yourself!

I recommend having some fun with this!

UPDATE: 30 April 2017

I was delighted to discover an old blog of Cassady Cayne's (Twin Flames 11:11) recentlya Q&A response to someone asking if same-sex twin flames exist. 

The short answer is YES, absolutely—same-sex twin flames do exist! And they are more common than many people realise. Often same-sex twin flames are homosexual (with romantic potential), but not always. Sometimes same-sex twin flames are heterosexual, and may be incarnated as best friends or siblings, for example.

Twin flames are, in essence, an embodiment of unconditional love, and as such, they are here to show unconditional love across perceived barriers such as age, gender, ethnicity.

Cayne's perspective on the reality of same-sex twin flames resonates strongly with my own understanding (and personal experience!), which I have touched on in my update on 18 September 2015 (above).

You can read Cayne's insights about same-sex twin flames here. Enjoy!

UPDATE: 9 October 2017

Cassady Cayne (Twin Flames 11:11) recently posted a new quiz to help people work out if they have really met their true twin flame.

While I have no doubt that I have met my true twin flame, I did the quiz out of curiosity to see what the 25 questions were. I answered each question honestly, selecting the option that best described my own experiences.

The result?

"Yes! You've met your Twin Flame!"

You can do the twin flame quiz here

If you do the quiz, I'd love to hear if the result is different to what you expected?


Have you heard about the concept of twin flame soulmates before?

Have you experienced the magnetic pull towards another that just will not go away, no matter how hard you might try to move on and forget the other?


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