The Genderless Soul

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Have you ever noticed that angels and archangels with gender-neutral names, such as Gabriel, are portrayed as male in some places and female in others? The truth is—angels and archangels don’t have a gender. Like all other spirit entities, they are genderless. However, spirit entities do have masculine and feminine energies, and they can choose which they project themselves as according to the situation. (Spirit and soul projection was mentioned in my earlier blogs Do You Believe in Love at First Sight? and You’re Not Alone, and is discussed in Michael Newton’s cases studies of life between lives in his seminal book Journey of Souls.)

Similarly, our soul—the essence of who we really are—is genderless. Our biological packaging—our body form—gives most of us either a male or female gender assignment at birth, but it is increasingly recognised that not all people fit neatly into gender-assigned categories, either physiologically or psychologically.

In truth, we are all a combination of masculine and feminine energies. Just like the biochemical representations of these energies in the ‘male’ hormone testosterone, and ‘female’ oestrogens, we all have some of each. Generally those who are assigned as male at birth would have more testosterone than those assigned female, and vice versa. But, as with most things, the spectrum is much more diverse and complex.

But I digress. What I want to talk about here is energy since, intrinsically, we are all energetic beings.

A key lesson for all of us incarnated in the physical human form is learning to balance our masculine and feminine energies. The most evolved and enlightened souls have achieved this balance. In society we are witnessing, and increasingly appreciating, men in touch with their feminine side, and women who are more masculine than the heroines of days of old. Individually, and collectively, we are getting better at accepting androgyny in women as well as in men—indeed, I generally associate in circles where there is much androgyny and gender-bending in behaviour as well as looks, and I love it!

I also admire trailblazers in this arena such as the late Quentin Crisp, an effeminate man born in Edwardian England. Despite being disowned by his family, and badly beaten in public on more than one occasion, Crisp courageously dressed and behaved as he saw fit to do so—refusing to be ashamed of who he was inside. He became loved and even famous for it, and in his old age he largely survived on the kindness of strangers in his chosen home of New York—they were rewarded with his gift of engaging conversation. But, sadly there are still places where not conforming to a stereotypically male or stereotypically female identity is frowned upon, ridiculed and bullied—and kids in particular can have a hard time of expressing themselves authentically. When they do so, I think it is generally fair to say that this is not only a testament to their parenting and environment, but also an indication of the inner strength of an evolved soul and advanced spirit.

One of my favourite blogs on spiritual awakening is How to Raise Your Vibration (HTRYV) by Sabrina Reber. In one of the first—it may have even been the first—of her posts that I read on the HTRYV facebook page, Reber talks about how learning to love ourselves is one of the biggest soul lessons for each and every one of us. She goes on to say, “We have all been many shapes, sizes, colours, ethnicities, religions, poor, rich, fat, thin, male, female, gay, straight, bisexual. The older your soul… the more lives, body forms, and potentialities you have experienced. Some of the oldest souls on the planet right now are androgynous/hermaphrodite meaning their genetics are BOTH masculine and feminine. Spiritually, they have balanced their masculine and feminine god/goddess energies…

This is what I believe. I have personally experienced some past life memories through facilitated hypnosis as well as spontaneous flashbacks—and in those recalled so far, I have been male. I have read about hundreds of case studies of past lives being recalled in books such as Brian Weiss’ Many Lives, Many Masters, and of subjects recalling the state of pure consciousness in life between lives in books such as Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls. And, increasingly, I am encountering a wide variety of former gender, ethnicity, and life circumstances of clients through my past life therapy work. As spirit entity Bashar says via channel Daryl Anka in the ground-breaking documentary Tuning In: “You have all done it all.”

Reber impresses me in many of her blogs and posts on the HTRYV facebook page, but she does so in particular in this post about our souls balancing masculine and feminine energies, she concludes:

Many of the people who are treated the worst, criticized, judged and shamed—are actually very strong, highly evolved souls here to teach humanity about distorted belief systems, judgment, tolerance, compassion, understanding and unconditional love. These souls do not have it easy, and their highest lesson for themselves—are the very ones they teach to others—including learning how to be comfortable in their skin, even in the face of extreme adversity and abuse.

Probably most of you reading this blog are already open-minded and less judgemental than the average person. But whatever your gender identity or sexualityand whatever your personal beliefs, background or present circumstancesif you catch yourself judging someone for the way they look, dress, or behave as feminine (for a boy) or masculine (for a girl)—ask yourself if you might be witnessing a highly evolved soul expressing themselves authentically? If they are completely comfortable in their own skin and expressing freely who they are—in my opinion, that is something truly beautiful to behold…

Do you express yourself authentically, or are you aware that you try to conform to society expectations?

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