You Don’t Need a Roadmap if You Can Read the Signs…

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IMAGE: Noticing the signs—before and after embarking on your journey © Louise A. Shilton

Newton: “Why don’t our guides just give us the answers we need on Earth? Why all this fooling around with signs to remember things?”


S: “For the same reason we go to Earth without knowing everything in advance. Out soul power grows with what we discover. Sometimes our lessons get resolved pretty fast … usually not. The most interesting part of the road are the turns and it’s best not to ignore the flags in our mind.”


Extract from Michael Newton’s “Journey of Souls”


One of the books that made the greatest impression on me when I was searching to make sense of some profound experiences in my life—experiences which pointed to the very real existence of our soul—was Journey of Souls, Michael Newton’s seminal book on life between lives.

Journey of Souls was first published in 1994, but I didn’t discover it until 2010. A psychic medium I had seen on a couple of occasions mentioned it to me in late 2010, and I went to a local metaphysical book store and bought it straight away.

Journey of Souls is largely compiled from 29 cases—different clients recalling the state of pure consciousness in our “life between lives” during hypnosis facilitated by Michael Newton. What Newton terms “life between lives” is actually our natural state in our natural spirit home—our souls are eternal and immortal, so they live—there is no state of non-living. “Life between lives” is therefore an abbreviation of “life in spirit world between incarnations in physical form”.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough for anyone searching for answers to questions like: What are we? Why are why here? What happens when we die? Do we see our passed over loved ones again?

One of the chapters in Journey of Souls is called “Preparation for Embarkation”—sounds very Star Trek doesn’t it?! “Embarkation” is the term Newton uses for when a soul is preparing to incarnate as a human. This is what I am writing about here.

Newton’s clients—whom he calls “subjects”—go into great detail about what their soul experiences before incarnating as a human on Earth. Different clients report strikingly similar scenarios involving a life preview with tutors who show them the signs that they need to remember in order to recognise significant people and situations in their lives. These signs are like life markers or flags on the road of life—they jog our soul memory, and usually prompt us to take a particular course of action. They can also be course corrections to set us on a different path—one that better serves our soul.

Case 28 in Journey of Souls recalls that “The signs are supposed to click in our memory straight away, and tell us “Oh good, you are here now.” Inside us we can say to ourselves “It’s time to start the next phase.” They may seem like insignificant things, but the flags our turning points in our lives.”

I had a profound experience of a significant turning point in my own life in early September 2010. For months beforehand I had felt the build up to a major event in my soul’s journey, but I didn’t know at the time exactly what I was experiencing or why. Although I didn’t at the time recall the details planned by my soul in collaboration with at least two of my closest soulmates, I had an overwhelming sense that my life was about to change and that I needed to get ready for that.

I remember where I was and what I was doing. I was feeling really out of whack. A wave of strong emotions came over me and I didn’t understand what was happening except that it was ‘big’ and wasn’t exactly of me—I was energetically connected to a scenario happening elsewhere, even though I had no real understanding of how, or who, or what, at this time.

Then a sensation of plunging and freefalling into the darkness came over me, coupled with a deep sinking feeling inside, and I telepathically heard the voice of who I now understand to be my twin flame soulmate. Inside my mind I responded “Who? Done what?” but then there was silence. Instead, a voice from deep within me boomed my soul’s declaration “It’s the start of the next chapter…”.

A colleague saw me and asked if I was okay—she commented that I looked really distressed. I felt utterly distraught, but I didn’t even understand why at the time, let alone feel able to express what I was experiencing to an acquaintance at work. I just remember that I wanted to run out of the building into the darkness outside and scream at the top of my lungs! (This, by the way, is not the sort of behaviour I am prone to!)

Other things started happening to me, including clear visions inside my mind’s eye. I even recall pausing outside my bedroom door before leaving my house one day, and asking “Who is this woman? Why are you showing me this?” I saw my GP because I was suddenly in the throes of the deepest grief and despair again. It was almost five years since my dad had passed over—yet my emotions were as if his suicide had happened only yesterday. Mostly this appointment with the doctor is a bit of a blur, but I remember three things with crystal clarity. First I remember welling up with tears as I mentioned my dad’s suicide years earlier—and surprising myself by the level of raw emotion I had all over again. Second, I remember an overwhelming sense that what was going on for me was external to me—that I was picking up on some things energetically (although I had no real understanding of how or who or why). Third, I recall a sense of understanding that I could beat this wave of despair through my spiritual beliefs—which were fledgling but shaping up at the time—and that I would not need to go back for a review with the doctor in six weeks. “I’m going to beat this spiritually” I heard a voice say inside me when the doctor proffered that I might consider anti-depressants if my feelings of deep despair continued.

My dog also started misbehaving—or so I thought at the time! Several months later I understood that he was trying to alert me to another presence—the spirit of a woman who had just passed over. His behaviour was suddenly so bizarre—including scaling a six foot fence on a clear, storm-free day when I was at work, and taking refuge in the local newsagents—I made an appointment with a dog psychologist who was recommended to me by the dog trainer at the rescue shelter I had bought him from two years earlier. The dog psychologist arrived at my house an hour early on a Sunday morning and observed my dog in the backyard while I showered and got dressed. She asked me if a young woman had died at the house recently. I said I’d lived there three years, but had no idea what happened in the house prior to this—confused and unsure what this was about, I tentatively said I would try to find out. She told me that my dog avoided the Carambola tree in the garden because this was where the spirit of this woman was standing. (I had no idea at all at this time that this spirit had anything to do with what I was experiencing energetically and emotionally, and I had never seen my dog avoid the Carambola tree before!)

Without really understanding what was going on for me or my dog at this time, I was actually embarking on piecing together a jigsaw puzzle of signs and synchroncities that led me to understand a major soul agreement that my soul had made with two of my closest soulmates. It was major life event, and a marker in my own life’s journey. It was a period of intense signs and memory triggers for me. But at the time, it was like fumbling around trying to fit pieces of a jigsaw together in a darkened room—I couldn’t actually see the picture!

It is no coincidence that I had first read Newton’s Journey of Souls around this time. Over subsequent months—especially at times of confusion and doubt—I was guided to look again at this book. Pages would open to show me paragraphs that jogged my memory, such as page 37 in my copy of the book, where Newton describes the light of soul identity flashing recognition between close soulmates. (Something I later experienced when I first met who I now understand is my twin flame, and which I have written about in “And Then Their Eyes Met….)

Bit by bit I worked out that the woman who had passed over—and whose spirit had initially freaked out my dog—was one of my dearest soulmates, and that part of our soul agreement was that she would become my spirit guide when she passed over, and guide my twin flame and I to meet each other (amongst other things). It took a while for me to trust her guidance, and there have certainly been many tests of my faith in her along the way! But my spirit guide and I work together as “Team Soulmate” for our mutual soul growth, as well as supporting and assisting the soul evolution of others.

Postscript: Since first writing this blog it became clearer that this was only the beginning of a much bigger mission that we are working on together—something that is still unfolding, and which is mentioned more in “Honouring Spirit.

One thing is certain—my life has never been the same since the pivotal time I write about in this blog, and I wouldn’t be doing the work I am doing now if it wasn’t for my soulmate’s presence and guidance in my life. Her spirit is simply such a natural and intricate part of my life now, it’s hard to remember how I navigated life’s journey before. For quite some time I thought her presence might leave my life when I’d reached our mutual soulmate with particular information, or achieved a set of tasks, but now she indicates that she’s with me for the rest of my life and work here. As I write this mid-year 2016, I am experiencing waves of sadness and uncertainty as I’m preparing to move and allow much of the ‘old’ to fall away from my life as a significant chapter comes to a close. But I am heartened that my spirit guide and I are embarking on a new chapter together soon, and I’m looking forward to seeing what this one involves—hopefully our much loved mutual soulmate coming on board with us for the adventure!

Have you experienced signs that you can recognise where jogging your soul’s memory, even though this may not have been clear to you at the time?

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