Sensitivity as a Double-Edged Sword

People with the greatest potential often take the longest to find their path because their sensitivity is a double-edged sword…

Today’s SNAPPY INSIGHT is a quote from Jeff Brown, author of “Ascending with both feet on the Ground” and “Soulshaping”.

I love this quote—it strongly resonates with me. I’m someone who would have appeared to be a quick learner and on my path (as a wildlife ecologist) many years ago… But my spiritual awakening took several years and many wake-up calls from the Universe.

In part I believe this “slow” awakening was also my journey… Some people have rapid awakenings or “radical awakenings” as I have heard them called. In these cases one major event, one massive epiphany might completely change the course of someone’s life.

But I was always sensitive, and as I got older I became acutely aware of how my sensitivity was a double-edged sword… I didn’t drop the portcullis and completely shut myself off, so I got whacked and thwacked repeatedly. (I wrote about this in my blog “You Say I’m Emotional Like It’s a Bad Thing!”)

And who would want to follow a path that completely exposes their sensitivity in this way?

Actually, quite a lot of us! More and more people are awakening and living from an authentic place. And once you make that decision—once you embrace your sensitivity, and really own who and what you are—you find great personal power and freedom.


Are you a highly sensitive person? 

Are you aware of techniques to protect yourself from taking on the negative energy of others, and clearing their energy when you have done so?

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