The Look of Love is in Your Eyes…

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IMAGE: Seeing the world through rose-tinted glass. © Louise A. Shilton

“The look of love is in your eyes” is the opening line to a wonderful Burt Bacharach song, famously sung by Dusty Springfield in 1967, but also covered by other artists.

There is a saying “to see the world through rose-tinted glasses” that is used to imply that someone is naive in seeing only the good while being oblivious to the negative. But, seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses is really perceiving the world through the eyes of love—and viewing the world with love is really something that more people, and therefore the whole world, would benefit from!

Thankfully, these days, there is a global paradigm shift happening, and more and more people are awakening to their true nature and seeing ‘beyond the veil’—and when they do, what they see is love.

So, you might well ask, what is ‘the veil’? The veil is illusion—the illusion of separation—the illusion that what we are perceiving through our eyes and other of our five senses is reality. The veil is something that our souls all agree to when we incarnate as humans, for a physical experience. We are, as the Wachowskis’ Matrix movies so aptly explore, living in a time-space illusion of what reality is. Discoveries in quantum physics increasingly support the notion that time and space only really exist in the third dimension—the Earth-bound 3D experience that we grow up thinking is ‘reality’.

It seems somewhat mind-boggling unless you either have a head for quantum physics, or have experiences that show you an altered reality. People with a strong grasp of quantum physics are, I think I’m safe to say, a minority. But many, many people have experienced altered states of reality through in different ways. Recreational drugs have been widely used by people, across cultures and time. The notable natural historian Charles Darwin, for example, came from a long-line of physicians and opium users, and some of his family members died from opiate overdoses in the 1700s and 1800s. Of course, many of us today tend to view recreational drugs in the Western Societies as having really taken off in the 1960s—a time when many popular culture figures died of overdoses, and drugs were written about in music. For example, Jimi Hendrix made references to Owsley Stanley, an audio engineer who famously produced massive amounts of LSD in the psychedelic 60s—and the Beatles’ sang, only slightly covertly, about seeing the world through LSD eyes in “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”.

But something else was going on in the 1960s—there was an awakening of consciousness among many people, especially the post-Second World War generation, who were more interested in love, peace, freedom and creative expression. I’m generalising of course, but my point is that there was a link between people accessing an altered state of reality and awakening to love, peace and oneness. On drugs like LSD, and later, on Ecstasy, more and more people had experiences of transcending their normal state of consciousness and entering a reality—or realm—where the experience was one of love and light.

I can’t speak from personal experience as I have never taken any recreational drug, and I’ve only ever inhaled cigarette and dope smoke inadvertently and passively—and I perfer to avoid doing so as I’m highly sensitive to such smoke. But I have had morphine and the like for medical procedures, and I remember experiences which I now understand to have been astral travel when I was gassed for orthodontal surgery as a kid—I remember the feeling of floating around in a place of love, filled with tiny stars, and not really wanting to leave my friends there when I needed to return to my body as the surgeon was trying to get me to come round! But as for recreational drugs, they never interested me, and these days I joke that I probably got the experience of drug-taking out of my system in a past life!

But linked with this, for me personally, was an underlying awareness that I am able to access states of bliss without the use of recreational drugs. From an early age I realised I could do this in nature as well as through dancing to music. Many people do this through spiritual practice, meditation, yoga, martial arts, outdoor adventures or sports, and of course through creating music and art. Whatever gets you—I would add naturally—to a state of ecstasy is worth nurturing and doing more of. (I, for one, should get back on my bike, as cycling was also a great way for me to meditate and become ecstatic also!)

But something else is happening now. Across the globe more and more people are experiencing shifts in perception—and in this way, an altered sense of reality—quite naturally, without the use of recreational drugs. More and more people are awakening to an understanding that the reality of who we are is our soul—our eternal and immortal consciousness—and not our physical body. More people are experiencing seeing their own soul reflected back at them in the eyes of another and realising that our souls are all connected. More and more people are realising that we are all connected to the One —the Source—and this, we are all One. Nelson Mandela realised this during in his three decades of imprisonment at the hands of the Apartheid Regime, and this is why he was able to forgive those who had imprisoned him. Following his release Mandela viewed others through the eyes of love, and with his deep compassion for all of humanity, he was able to work towards uniting black and white South Africans.

Indeed, we all experience something like this when we fall in love. —The experience of being in love not only shifts our perception of the object of our affection—I use “object” because we individually experience falling in love with things other than another person, we can fall in love with a place for example—but also alters the way we see everything. When we are really in love, we generally see through the eyes of love.

So, imagine a world where everyone was in love all of the time. What a wonderful world this will be! And not only is this entirely possible—and contrary to how it may seem if you follow the mainstream news – this shift is already happening collectively. In spiritual terms there is much talk of the third-eye (the mind’s eye) opening up such that more and more people are seeing beyond the veil—beyond the illusion of 3D, and collectively we are moving towards a 5D experience. The experience is a much more loving, and much more secure one. We are collectively moving out of the fear-based survival paradigm into a greater consciousness—and this is viewing the world, and all that is within the world, through the eyes of love.

The late, great, Bill Hicks famously talked about these topics in his stand-up comedy. Despite the characteristic harshness of Hicks’ delivery style, he was a big-hearted guy with a deep love and compassion for humanity.

Here’s a sample of some of Hicks’ most famous insights about humanity, reality, consciousness and oneness. In one skit he compares our perception of life to a roller-coaster ride that we choose to go on. In another he talks about revelations about higher consciousness and oneness on LSD. (Bill Hicks’ own awakening was linked to his recreational drug use.)

Both of these skits are in this five-minute clip on YouTubeWarning: contains coarse language.

How do you see the world? Do you predominantly look at yourself and others through the eyes of fear, or of love?

I would love to read your comments.

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