**Please note that full-day QHHT and split session fees include my travel up to one hour of return driving for me to visit my client and conduct the session in their home or other chosen venue. Travel further afield will be quoted as required at the rate of $60 per additional hour of my driving time (all inclusive).**


Life & Soul Healing & Transformation Therapy uses Dolores Cannon's internationally renowned Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) as a complete process, as taught by Dolores herself. I am an accredited Level 2 QHHT Practitioner, listed on the Official QHHT website.

Life & Soul Healing & Transformation Therapy is a gentle but powerful healing and transformation therapy that incorporates past life recall, and uses a regression hypnosis technique to help you achieve deep relaxation and access the wisdom of your Higher Consciousness. . .

I trained in past life therapies with two of the leading practitioners in the world: Dr Brian Weiss, author of international bestseller Many Lives, Many Masters; and the late Dolores Cannon, author and founder of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).

Our soul’s consciousness is a memory bank of all experiences—every life we have lived, as well as our experiences as pure consciousness between physical lifetimes. In a trance state a person can access and recall experiences from their past lives, and throughout time and space. As a skilled facilitator, I help you to gain the most insights and healing benefits from your experience.

Life & Soul Healing & Transformation Therapy requires a full-day booking (please scroll down for fees). Often only one session is required for profound insights, healing and transformation— but clients are welcome to book further sessions*.

I love using this subtly powerful technique to help improve—and potentially transform—the lives of my clients. It's an honour and a privilege to conduct QHHT with my clients—to guide them as they travel across time and explore the cosmos. Quite simply, QHHT offers time travel without a TARDIS! Each session is unique.

“I felt a dramatic shift during the session, and with Louise's guidance I managed to clear and deal with a deep-seated trauma, and ultimately let go of patterns that have been limiting me my whole life.” Peter Soddu (Sydney, NSW) 

“It felt like spiritual ecstasy…” Julie Tuddenham (SE Qld)

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Booking a Session

Life & Soul Healing & Transformation Therapy is only available in person. New clients must book a full session, as this involves a thorough and crucial assessment and discussion before the hypnosis induction. Typically I spend at least 7 hours with a client during a full session, and I travel to the client and conduct the session in their own home or booked accommodation. (The prices shown below include my travel to clients within a 30 minute drive from Bangalow, in Northern NSW. For clients further afield I will quote an additional fee to cover my travel time and direct expenses when a booking enquiry is made; this fee will be $60 per extra hour of my driving time, including fuel costs. Therefore, a client who lives approximately one hour from Bangalow will be charged an additional $60 for my return travel.)

A full session (1 day QHHT appointment) is $580.

I appreciate that it can be difficult for some people to have a full session in one day—for example, if they have young children who due home from school. Therefore, I also offer a full session split over two days—approximately four hours each day. Part one of a split session involves the assessment and discussion and honing of the client's questions (for their own Higher Consciousness). Part two of a split session involves a quick recap on what was discussed during part one, and double-checking whether the client's questions are the same or whether anything new has come up for them since the discussion. Part two also involves the hypnosis component (typically 2 to 2.5 hours) and post-hypnosis debrief.

A split session (a full QHHT session split over two days, within a two-week timeframe) is $700.

The two parts of a split session should be booked up-front within a two-week timeframe.

Repeat Clients

Clients who have had at least one full-day session with me are welcome to request a "repeat client" appointment for the purpose of exploring past lives, the life-between-life state, or their Higher Consciousness in more detail, or if a new issue has come up for them. Depending upon the time since their last QHHT session and the client's issues, repeat client sessions may not require such an extensive pre-induction interview, and may be completed within four or five hours. Repeat client sessions will be agreed to on a case-by-case basis at my own discretion.

A repeat client QHHT session is $380.

In the event that you wish to have multiple sessions of this nature, a multiple session discount can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

I endeavour to be flexible at all times to accommodate a client's needs and circumstances so that they get the most out of their session(s).

Gift Vouchers

If you would like to treat someone that you love to a session as a gift, I am happy to issue a personalised gift voucher for a full session (new client) or half-day session (repeat clients only).

A gift voucher is non-refundable, and must be used within 6 months of the date of issue. A gift voucher can only be used by the named recipient on the voucher, or the person who purchased the voucher. All gift vouchers must be paid in full before a voucher is issued.


Payment for sessions is required in full to confirm appointments. Bank details will be provided when a new client wishes to make a booking with me. All initial enquiries should be made by phone or email (see below).

I understand that circumstances can change and sometimes people need to change plans. I will be providing my booking cancellation and refunds policy here soon.


The hypnosis component of all sessions is recorded, unless the client has indicated that they do not want their session recorded. Clients are provided with a copy of the recording on their own USB memory stick or external hard drive device. Recordings are provided as WAV files for PC users and AIFF files for Mac users. Recordings are typically greater than 1GB in size, so clients should ensure that at least 2GB of memory space is available on their device before their session.

Not all clients listen to the recordings of their sessions, and this is obviously the client's own choice. However, repeated listening to recorded sessions is strongly encouraged where the client has received specific healing (emotional or physical) during the hypnosis, especially where the client's Higher Consciousness has been accessed, and has conducted energy work on the client.


All sessions are strictly confidential.

Any Questions? Please contact me:

Phone: 0400 107 529

Email:  louise@lifeandsoulinsights.com