You’re Not Alone

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IMAGE: Angel wings bone—whale vertebra(?)—that I found washed up on a beach in New Zealand

All humans have [spirit] guides and helpers—you are all connected to much larger [soul] families than you may be aware of.

Darryl Anka channelling Bashar, Tuning In Movie

Just last night my mum asked me on the phone if I ever get lonely—living by myself in a rural area as I do. My honest answer was “No, I don’t really…”.

I have pretty much always been this way. It wasn’t the first time Mum has asked me this question, and Mum agreed, noting—again, not for the first time—“You’re more like your dad was: a bit of a loner really”.

I am actually quite a social creature, but I feel blessed that I have always enjoyed my own company and am never bored for things to do. There is always something to do—always something to learn, something to read, or somewhere to visit. In recent years my challenge has been to master not doing. And, I think I’m pretty good at not doing these days too—not doing, and just being.

The rare exceptions—when I have experienced boredom—have typically been in the company of others whose conversation or activities have been boring to me, but circumstances are such that you ride it out with politeness. The rare exceptions—when I have experienced loneliness—were generally during major life-changes where I felt like no-one I knew could relate to or understand what I was going through. But there have been moments, such as during my “Dark Night of the Soul—which I believe was a period spanning a few years for me, certainly not ‘a night’—when I did experience crushing feelings of aloneness, and of loneliness.

But I don’t really live alone these days, although I have lived by myself in some extremely isolated situations during my life. For the last five years or so I have had a gorgeous dog companion—a Staffy Cross—who is very much his owner’s dog. I joke that he’s “a mummy’s boy”. He’s my shadow, following me from room to room and outside to back inside again. He has his independent streak, but for the most part, he is by my side. He’s wonderful company, and has taught me a lot about unconditional love—although I tease him that it’s food-based love on his part, and not entirely unconditional! He’s also amusing—I swear he does something that cracks me up laughing every day. And he is a daily reminder to appreciate the little things—the simple things—in life.

And for the last three years I have been aware of constant company of another kind—a team of angels and spirit guides. Nowadays I wholeheartedly believe that each and every one of us has a team of angels and spirit guides. It doesn’t matter whether we believe in this or not—it simply is. When our soul chooses to incarnate for a human experience, it knows that it does so in connection with others—it’s never in isolation.

The details of our personal team of angels and spirit guides differ—but I believe we are each a member of a soul group or soul family. And each soul group has a main guide—typically an advanced soul who has had previous lifetimes on Earth, so they can relate to the human experience.

Spirit entity Tobias says, through channel Geoffrey Hoppe during the Tuning In documentary:

I have had many, many lifetimes on Earth. I have deep love and compassion for humans because I remember what it was like to go through what humans are going through now. I remember the challenges—the challenge in particular of knowing at some deep level that you are a spiritual being.

I first became aware that I had a spirit guide in 2009, when I saw a psychic medium for I think the second time. The first time I saw Lesley in late 2008 I had gone along without any expectations, but with a determination to not give anything away—I was a skeptic after all! The only question I really offered was more a brief description of some of my otherworldly experiences, and my desperate longing to understand why I was having these ‘premonitions’ when I couldn’t seem to alter the course of events—I asked Lesley something like “Am I supposed to be using my intuition to help others in some way?” (Some of these experiences are touched on in two earlier blogs: I’m Not Ready to go Yet! and Telepathic Communication… .)

In the first consultation, Lesley brought through the spirit of my dad, and then, at the end of the session, a former lover and partner of mine—who had passed over about 18 months earlier—eagerly made his presence known. (I froze—unable to muster a question for him!)

In the second consultation I was primarily concerned with seeking some direction through the quagmire of workplace politics that I found myself trying to navigate with integrity. I was growing increasingly disillusioned with the amount of ego, and quite frankly bullshit and bullshitters, that I was encountering repeatedly during my science career. But I had said nothing of my career, my background or education to Lesley. And again, I was determined to give her no information about me or my life…

She started describing my main guide as this really cool eco-warrior dude with a genuine love of nature and all matters concerning the environment. Bingo! I am a wildlife ecologist who has been passionate about nature conservation and environmental issues from a young age, and I was working as the Principal Ecologist at a niche environmental consulting company at the time.

Next time Lesley mentioned my main guide it was under very different circumstances more than a year later, and she described a very bubbly blonde haired woman with a cracking sense of humour and a handbag! Apparently my main guide was having a heap of fun with the spirit of a woman who had recently passed over, and who was the subject of my consultation with Lesley that day. (I write more about this in other blogs: this woman is actually one of my close soulmates and has been my spirit guide since she passed over in September 2010.)

Lesley described these two ‘women’ laughing together and hatching some plan. I was slightly confused—I thought my main guide was the eco-warrior dude(?)—but I ran with it—I was more concerned with trying to understand why this other woman’s spirit was making contact with me at the time than the details of my main spirit guide.

Now I understand that spirit—our guides included—can manifest or project themselves in different forms and different guises to best suit the situation, and best allow us to recognise them. Soul projection and recognition are described repeatedly in Journey of Souls—a wonderful book of life between life case studies by Michael Newton, Ph.D.

Lesley, the psychic who enlightened me about my main guide, is primarily clairvoyant—so she described my guide’s different manifestations visually and by their projected personality. I am also clairvoyant, but primarily I am clairsentient and claircognizant—I feel and interpret energy. So, now that I know I can communicate in real-time with my own guides, it’s the unique energy that I sense—their energetic fingerprint or signature if you like. So I know who it is from this, although they often identify themselves upfront, and I typically ask any spirit that is communicating with me to identify themself first.

So, I have a main guide. And I have another guide—let’s call her my “go-to guide”—with whom I can communicate readily anytime, anywhere. My go-to guide is one of my close soulmates, and we made an agreement prior to this lifetime for her to be a spirit guide for me after she had passed over—something I understand that my discarnate soul has also done for my soulmates in other lifetimes too. My main guide oversees our soul group. 

I know there are more guides—there is a team—but these are the main two that I communicate with. I am aware that I was recently designated two higher level guides and I am starting to communicate directly with them as well. I also communicate with angels, archangels and ascended masters, and the spirits of other people’s loved ones.

So, these days I know that I really am never alone. Never—not ever! And neither are you.

Whatever funk we may be in, whatever foolish thing we have done, we are never completely abandoned by our dedicated team of angelic helpers, or by the angels, archangels and ascended masters who are available for everyone. (However, when we are in a deep funk, such as grief, our energy is heavy and dense and it makes receiving communication from the higher realms more challenging as we are vibrating in a lower frequency—this will be the topic of a future blog.)

You don’t have to be able to audibly hear or visibly see your guides for them to help you—but you do need to ask for their help. We have each chosen to incarnate for a human experience on this planet of duality with free will. Angelic help is given only with our permission—they cannot intervene just because we are cavorting with the wrong person, or on the wrong track. We are here to learn and grow through experience after all!

So, whether you believe in angels and spirits or not, you can ask for help, and it will be given. It may be subtle or it may be obvious. There are many ways in which spirit communicate with us—they can nudge us to take a different route in our car, they can make sure that we meet someone who has just the right information or contacts for us, and they can make a book jump off a shelf and open at just the right page. The possibilities are endless. (Signs from loved ones were touched on in my earlier blog Two Rainbows and 28 Swans, and signs from spirit in general will be discussed in future blogs.)

And so this is why, in my earlier blog about song lyric insights about the Afterworld—I said that I agree with Prince’s opening passage to Let’s Go Crazy apart from one thing. Prince says “In this life, things are much harder than in the Afterworld… In this life, you’re on your own!” And I say, in this life, we are under the illusion of being on our own—we are never really alone.

The illusion of separation is a veil, nothing more. And increasingly at this time in the evolution of humanity on Earth, people are waking up and seeing beyond the veil.

You are never alone—there is always help out there no matter how far down you think you have fallen.

John Cali channelling Chief Joseph, Tuning In Movie


Are you aware that you are supported by an angelic spirit team? Have you had personal contact with your spirit guides?


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