Authentic communication with the spirits of your passed over loved ones and/or spirit guides…

Mediumship is the ability to receive communications from spirits on the other side of the veil. It is a form of channelling spirit—specifically the spirits of those who have passed over or transitioned from a human life back into the spirit world or the afterlife.

Mediums typically receive information from spirit through a range of psychic senses—in other words, senses other than the five generally recognised physical senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

Many people think of psychic ability as ‘seeing’ scenarios that may happen in the future, and thus often associate psychic mediumship with clairvoyance and future forecasting. Clairvoyance literally means "clear seeing" with the mind's eye or third eye. But there are several other recognised clear senses or "clairs" which can be utilised in readings.

While I have clairvoyant abilities, I consider myself to be primarily clairsentient and claircognizant. This means I am an empath—I can feel and interpret energy—and I have strong intuitive abilities and an inner knowingness. I am also somewhat clairaudient—I sometimes hear communications from spirit telepathically that are not audible to others.

When giving mediumship readings I use a range of abilities, but mostly I receive communications from spirit as fully formed sentences in direct response to questions asked by the person I am conducting the reading for. My intention is always to connect with the spirit of passed over loved ones in a meaningful way—a way that offers answers, understanding and reassurance to the person I am reading for.

In essence, I am like a radio tuning into the right frequency to connect with the spirit of the person being asked for—once tuned in, I facilitate a conversation between the spirit of passed over loved ones and those who miss their physical presence.

Communicating with spirit can be tremendously healing for those in grief and/or those who are left with unanswered questions.

"Louise has been the key to unlocking a heavy grief in me since the passing of my beloved companion and soulmate. I was able to communicate with my dead beloved through Louise. This was a tender and skilful consultation with confirming accuracies." Lexton Black (Adelaide, SA)

"Had an amazing connection with spirit during a medium session conducted by Louise. Such an authentic channel of love and connection, made me feel very at peace. I would encourage anyone to enjoy and embrace any connective work with Louise.​" Beth O'Brien (SE Queensland)

"You have helped me more in one day than my whole year in grief counselling. The mediumship reading was so healing for me, much more than I could have hoped for. All my questions were answered and my mind put at ease. You have set me free Louise." M.B. (Tweed Shire, NSW)

"Louise connected with my Spirit Brother, and brought through his personality with his sense of humour and a song he loved by Bon Jovi." Shannon Blasche (Casino, NSW)

Booking a Reading

One hour mediumship readings are available in person (Northern NSW) or remotely via phone. 30 minute and 15 minute readings are only available as phone bookings at this stage.

Readings are $120 for one hour, $70 for 30 minutes or $44 for 15 minutes.

Any Questions? Please contact me:

Phone: 0400 107 529