Passed Over Loved Ones Can Become Spirit Guides


IMAGE: Our passed over loved ones often watch over us © Louise A. Shilton

Recently I did a mediumship reading for a woman who had several passed over loved ones, including her mother, who had passed over within the last couple of years.

As I was communicating messages from her mother’s spirit, a repeated theme came through along the lines of “We are protecting you”, “I am protecting you―you are safe―I am with you all the time”.

I explained to my client that her mother was one of her close soul group members, and upon passing over she had become one of her spirit guides. I told her of my own beliefs, shaped from personal experiences and books such as Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls, that this would have been agreed at a soul level―that our souls agree to playing out different roles with each other both in our physical incarnation experiences, and on the other side.

At the end of our session, I spread out a new deck of 44 cards by Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh―a mediumship conversation deck called “Talking to Heaven”. I suggested that my client thinks of her passed over loved ones one at a time and asks them for a message, then picks the card she feels drawn to. I knew intuitively that she called upon her mother first―and the card she pulled was “I have become one of your guides”. “That’s exactly what you have been saying!” she declared as she welled up with tears. It was a very beautiful to witness this direct confirmation from spirit, and brought much comfort to my client.

Not all of our loved ones will be members of our close soul group―and not all of them will become a spirit guide. But for most of us, our team of spirit guides will include someone who knew us in life and has passed over. Many people have grandparents in their spirit teams, and pets can also become spirit guides and protectors on the other side―as their souls enter the same spirit world. This particular client had also lost a beloved pet dog, and I brought through information from this spirit that she had been human in previous lives and played a particular role for my client.

One of my spirit guides is a soulmate of mine whom I didn’t know in this life before she passed over―this was the way our souls planned it. I experienced her passing energetically, in real-time, although I didn’t understand exactly what was happening and what I was being shown (or who she was) until I was guided to some information a few weeks later. But at the time of her passing over, the voice of my own soul said “It’s the start of the next chapter”―and I knew deep down that my life was about to change dramatically…

And change it did―her spirit came into my life a bit like a bull in a china shop! My soulmate’s spirit was very determined to reach me―to fully wake me up―and time was of the essence, as we had a soul agreement to support another member of our soul family―another of one our close soulmates.

Although I didn’t really understand how it could be so initially, I knew intuitively that this spirit was with me as a guide, and that we had agreed to this at some other time, someplace. Reading books like Journey of Souls helped to put this into context for me, and I was guided to this book within a month of this spirit first making contact with me. I didn’t realise it at first, but Mandy was already skillfully working behind the scenes to make sure I remembered our soul contract―although in my waking life, it was like being given pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in the dark as I couldn’t immediately see where the pieces fit into the big picture, let alone how they were all connected!

Our spirit guides do not always enter our lives like a bull in a china shop! In fact, this sort of scenario is probably quite rare, and the result of specific circumstances and soul agreements between the parties involved. Mostly our spirit guides are just there―and they reveal their presence in subtle ways. My client asked about a time the blankets were gently pulled up around her when she was sleeping, and her mother’s spirit confirmed that it was her (with a funny message about how she needs to look after herself better). Many people experience their passed over loved ones through sounds, smells, and things like their loved one’s favourite song suddenly playing, or their phone ‘automatically’ dialling their loved one’s old phone number so that they can hear their voicemail message. Some people experience touch, and they just know it is their passed over loved one. Or they may see something that reminds them of the person―such as a bird tapping on a window―and just get the feeling that it was their spirit saying “Hello. I’m still here”. (Hummingbirds doing just this was a key sign from a passed over loved one for Joel Rothschild, and is described in his wonderful book Signals.)

There are many ways that passed over loved ones can communicate with those of us in the physical realm on Earth, and I touched on some signs I personally received following my dad’s passing in an earlier blog, “Two Rainbows and 28 Swans”. But, whatever your circumstances, and whatever your relationship to your passed over loved one in life―rest assured that their spirit will find ways of communicating with you if you ask for signs. And if you feel like they are with you all the time, and may be a spirit guide, they probably are. You can ask them―they will let you know.

Each and every one of us has a team of angels and spirit guides. You can read more about this in my blog “You’re Not Alone”.

Do you have a passed over loved one who has become a spirit guide for you?

How have your passed over loved ones revealed their spirit presence to you?

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