Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?


IMAGE: Imagine Me & You, a movie about following your heart after love at first sight © Louise A. Shilton

Rachel, the lead character in the movie Imagine Me & You, reads an article online about how an aged couple had eloped together when they were younger, just two weeks after first meeting. Newly married, she is struggling with her own feelings for a woman whom she barely knows, but felt a strong connection with on first seeing. Sitting at her desk, she asks her colleagues hopefully “Do you guys believe in love at first sight? That you could just meet someone, and across the room—with that one glance—you could look into their eyes and see their soul?” Her two rather cynical colleagues respond “No” and “Absolutely not!” So Rachel retreats into her shell, and returns her attention to her computer screen.

But, continuing on from my last blog “And Then Their Eyes Met…”, seeing someone’s soul through their eyes is not just the script-written stuff of romantic movies—it is a very real phenomenon! It is the way we recognise those souls whom we already know intimately, and whom we wanted to meet up with on our life’s journey.

In the chapter “Homecoming” in Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls, Client ‘S’ describes how they are greeted by a soulmate—a discarnate soul—on passing over and returning to the world of Spirit. Their soulmate projects themself as Rachel (another Rachel) so that ‘S’ will instantly recognise and feel comforted upon seeing ‘her’, and therefore, orient and readjust to returning to life as spirit more readily. (As discarnate souls—as spirit entities in our life between lives—we are genderless. Our soul does not have a gender, and part of our learning in human form is to balance our masculine and feminine energies. However, discarnate souls can project themselves as either gender, and will often use images—holograms if you like—of how they looked in a previous lifetime, to communicate with new arrivals or with incarnate humans, so that they can be recognised. This will be the topic of future blogs.)

In response to Newton’s questioning, ‘S’ continues “Once, long ago, she was close to me in life… now she is my guardian.”

Newton asks, “And what do you feel when you look at her?”

‘S’ replies, “A calmness… tranquility… love.”

“Do you and Rachel actually look at each other with eyes in a human way?”

“Sort of… but different. You see the mind behind what we take to be eyes, because this is what we relate to on Earth. Of course, we can do the same thing as humans on Earth, too…”

“What can you do on Earth with your eyes that you can also be done in the spirit world?”

“When you look into a certain person’s eyes on the ground—even people you have just met—and see a light you have known before… well, that tells you something about them. As a human you don’t know why—but your soul remembers.”

Newton notes, “I have heard about the light of soul identity being reflected in the eyes of a soulmate expressed in a variety of ways from many clients. As for myself, I have knowingly experienced this instant recognition only once in my life at the moment I first saw my own wife. The effect is startling, and a bit eerie as well.”

Newton then asks ‘S’, “Are you saying that sometimes on Earth when two people look at each other, they may feel that they have known each other before?”

“Yes, it’s déjà vu.”

“Let’s go back to Rachel in the spirit world. If your guardian did not project an image of herself in human form to you, would you have known her anyway?”

“Well, naturally, we can always identify each other by the mind… No one speaks, we communicate by the mind.” (Client ‘S’ is referring to telepathic communication being the typical way close souls communicate with each other.)

So, it is my belief that what we tend to call “love at first sight” is really a recognition and remembrance of a soul whom we already know and love. It’s not really falling in love with someone entirely unknown to you. But in the human experience, it can feel like it happens in a flash, with a complete stranger!

Ned, Rachel’s father in Imagine Me & You, sweetly acknowledges his own belief in love at first sight when his daughter confesses to knowing that she loved Lucy within the first two seconds of their eyes meeting. “I’ve heard of love happening that fast” he says, “The French call it ‘le flash’.”

The only artistic licence here, I believe, is that ‘le flash’ is not really a French term! Other than this, “love at first sight” is real. Very real indeed.

Postscript: Almost two years to the day after writing this blog I had another strong experience of ‘le flash’. It happened with my twin flame, whom I first met nearly five years earlier. On the night we first met I recall her eyes flashing at me as I turned to find her staring at me, and I felt the energy build up behind my own eyes as my soul signaled back to her. On the more recent occasion I didn’t see her eyes flash, but I felt the energy build up behind my eyes as I smiled at her when I saw her watching me dance… Unlike the first time we met, I understood exactly what had just happened, even though I had no control over it at a human level. It felt like quite an intense flash from my soul enthusiastically signaling to her “Hello! It’s me!” And from her reaction, I think it must have been quite bright!

It’s a pretty remarkable phenomenon to experience, as no-one else is privy to it. Our souls can use ‘private’ frequencies that only the intended recipient(s) can see or hear. Thus, ultimate intimacy is possible between two souls that wish to communicate with each other, even in a public setting. Michael Newton also touches on how souls can have private communications with each other in the spirit world in Journey of Souls.


Have you ever fallen in love with someone at first sight? 


I would love to hear your stories of ‘le flash’ in the comments.



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