Featured Testimonial: QHHT

“I knew I was drawn to Louise for a reason, without ever having met her. I am a healer/practitioner myself and very discerning about who I see when I need support.

Louise has an impeccable approach to her work, she brings the highest level of integrity, client care and heart to her work with clients. She is down to Earth, approachable and devoted to the QHHT method which made the process and experience incredibly thorough, deep and supportive. There were things she helped me identify in the pre-hypnosis discussion part of the session that I had not thought of myself, but later turned out to be important for my process.

Since the session I have had ongoing and profound healings, revelations, shifts and transformations that are really significant in my life and work and they continue to unfold. Physical issues I’ve had for years have resolved, I now sleep deeply through the night after years of insomnia, I have opened and activated my own gifts and spiritual connection considerably and I was given key insights and information that have been life changing.

If you are seeking a QHHT experience I could not recommend Louise highly enough.

Thank you Louise for supporting and guiding me impeccably through a life changing experience.”

Leisha Jarrett (Ocean Shores, Byron Shire, NSW)

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