Featured Testimonial: Mediumship & Guidance

I’ve been astounded by the clarity of Louise’s sessions and feel truly grateful for the deepening sense of connection they have fostered with my ancestors. In our first session, a life-long chronic pain pattern was shifted and the nature of my relationship with my father suddenly made sense, resulting in levels of love and understanding that I hadn’t previously experienced. Other sessions have helped me to clarify my visions and callings in life and have acted as a support in times of transition and decision-making.

Beyond the guidance that I’ve received, each successive session helps me to develop greater and greater trust for the ever-present support and guidance that exists for all of us, at all times. 

Louise is also uniquely approachable, natural and very human in her way. I feel in innate sense of safety and trust with her and enjoy the laughs and humour that arise in our sessions too. 

I really can’t recommend Louise highly enough. Her humility and good nature are beautiful to be around and create a truly clear line of communication for her work as a medium. 

Uschi Steedman (World Traveller)

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