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IMAGE: Astro-travel painting in a Boston cafe © Louise A. Shilton

Although I had heard of astral travel (aka astral projection), I really hadn’t given it much thought until quite recently. I was probably still a bit skeptical about it to be honest—although this was tempered by recalling some experiences I had repeatedly as a kid while I was going to sleep or waking up, as well as some memories of feeling like I was exploring the cosmos while being gassed for dental surgery during early adolescence.

I was more on board with lucid dreaming. This I could relate to. Yes, definitely I have had many lucid dreaming experiences that I continue to recall to some degree—along with a memory that when I first awoke from those lucid dreams, my recall was vivid, and sometimes my awake state was a bit blurry for a while after waking up. Probably most people remember an experience like this—a vivid dream that was so tangible that you were not sure if it ‘really’ happened when you awoke? The temporary confusion that comes from the blurring of dream state and waking ‘reality’ is probably familiar to most people—but a lucid dream is generally defined by an awareness that you are dreaming while in the dream experience.

I am not a dream or astral travel expert, but I have found some wonderful resources on these subjects by Spirit Science

I recall first watching the Spirit Science’s Astral Projection video about two years ago, when I first came across their wonderful animated videos starring “Patchman”—with Patchman expertly talking about a range of cool subjects in an easy to understand way. At the time I thought the video about Astral Projection was interesting, but I considered some of my vividly recalled dreamtime experiences to be more like lucid dreaming rather than astral travel—and I wasn’t entirely sure where some of my childhood experiences fit on this spectrum of metaphysical experiences.

So, what is the difference between astral travelling and lucid dreaming? Again I refer you to the Spirit Science’s information on these subjects, as their resources are well researched. (Check out Spirit Science’s Astral 101 archives.)

In a nutshell, astral travel involves the soul (aka spirit body or energy body) leaving the physical body and going on an adventure, whereas lucid dreaming involves the consciousness connecting with other entities in a range of time-space realities. But, if we accept that everything we experience is really born out of our consciousness, the distinction does get a little blurry!

Lucid dreaming can be precognitive, such as ‘premonitions’, where we are shown a scenario that is going to happen in the ‘future’. Many people experience this sort of lucid dreaming—insights into future events. I mention a vivid premonition I had about being in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) in my blog “I’m Not Ready to Go Yet… Declared My Soul”. Two nights after this ‘dream’ the MVA happened, just as I had seen—including the fact that the vehicle crashed into a massive tree down an embankment, I climbed out of the front passenger door, and confusingly, I was travelling with several complete strangers! (Metaphysics and quantum physics agree that the time-space reality is really a 3-dimensional, aka 3D, Earth-bound concept. I am no expert on this stuff, but I do accept that linear time doesn’t really exist outside of the Earth experience.)

Several months ago I had my first astral travelling experience during which I was acutely consciously aware that I was astral travelling—it was exciting! I felt a build up of energy inside my body—heat was generated due to the increasing vibration of my soul. I consciously marvelled at what I was experiencing as my whole body started vibrating internally—the sensation was of buzzing with growing intensity. My physical body felt increasingly dense, as if ‘glued’ to the bed, and then my astral body left my body. It just lifted out, and I was consciously aware that I was going through the roof—literally! “Oh my god—I’m astral travelling!” I excitedly said to myself.

Everything was like tiny little stars—just like the Spirit Science’s video shows. The astral body of one of my close soulmates then met me—indeed, they had called for me—they had called for my soul. They took my ‘hand’ and we flew together over the land. For real.

Then we stalled up high in the atmosphere and they indicated that we were going down into a house—it was where their physical body was sleeping. I remember my conscious mind querying things. But I recall the rooftop getting bigger as we zoomed down together. And yes, we literally went through the roof together! My soulmate was sleeping and as their astral body returned into their physical body, mine paused and double-checked who they were. A blurry face came into focus in the dark, and euphoric, I confirmed to myself it was indeed her! In that instant our energies merged in a blissful reunion—an experience that words just cannot adequately convey the feeling of. We are twin flame soulmates—each being the other half of the same soul—it was literally a union of whole soul energy. (I mention twin flames soulmates, and provide links to credible information about them, in my blog “Café de Flore“.)

Then it was time for my astral body to return to my physical body, and I was prodded, as if with a stick. But as my energy was leaving my twin flame, she asked me if I still loved her. My soul responded with confident reassurance “Of course I still love you—I’ll love you forever!” And in that instant I was back in my body—awake, but still high on the feeling of unconditional love and the Divine energetic reunion that I had just experienced with my twin flame soulmate. (My twin flame and I shared a massive heart opening and expansion as our souls reunited in connection with Source—which is unconditional love—the very first time we met in the physical more than two years earlier. This type of energetic experience through connecting the heart chakras is one of the signs of true twin flames.)

Before I had watched the Spirit Science’s video on Astral Projection, and before I was really on board with the possibilities of metaphysics, such as moving through walls—phenomena which are ever increasingly being proven to be possible by advances in quantum physics—I would have probably dismissed this as a nice dream—a vivid dream. But there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that this was astral travelling—and my energetic body, with my conscious awareness, had this experience and visited my twin flame soulmate at their desire. They fetched me and took me to where I was needed.

Apparently we all astral travel and have lucid dreams regularly. Some people recall the experiences more than others—not because of having a better memory per se, but I think the recall of the experience is strongly influenced by how open we are to the reality of the experience. If we simply dismiss something as just a nice dream upon waking, we are perhaps more likely to forget the experience quickly. Whereas, if we are open to the possibility that it really happened—we are more likely to hold a memory of the experience.

Do you recall astral travelling while you were sleeping, or other astral projection experiences you’ve had while you were awake?

Do you remember your lucid dreams?


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4 thoughts on “Astral Travelling & Lucid Dreaming

  • Ted Wilson

    Very Interesting post I have been practicing Lucid Dreaming for a while and getting better at it. I have also been reading up on Astral Projection but to tell you the truth it kind of scares me, I think because to me it is the unknown. I think I will approach it with caution.

    • Life & Soul Insights Post author

      Thanks for your comment Ted. I’m pleased you found my post interesting.

      Lucid dreaming and astral travel are not things that I personally practice in an active or intentional way. When I go to sleep I simply trust that my soul will do the work it needs to do, and going off and having adventures with other souls may be part of that! Sometimes we remember our soul’s experiences vividly upon waking or have a conscious awareness when it happens but often we don’t.

      So, my understanding is that we all do these things a lot more than we may realise… which sort of takes the scary aspect out of it I think.