On the Importance of Feeling

Allow yourself to FEEL. If you try to numb yourself from feeling the bad stuff—the pain—you numb EVERYTHING. You can’t selectively numb!

This SNAPPY INSIGHT is inspired by Brené Brown’s wonderful TED talk “The Power of Vulnerability”.

There is a lot of emphasis and impetus for us to feel our emotions at this point in time. More and more we see evidence of the psychological and physical damage that suppressing emotions can cause. (I touched on how suppressed emotions can manifest physical conditions in my blog “In Sickness and in Health…”)

We need to allow ourselves to feel, and learn to recognise what we are feeling and why we are feeling it. We need to allow ourselves to feel, but learn not to be overly reactive to those feelings. We need to allow ourselves to feel, and learn to process our feelings in healthy ways.

When we suppress our emotions and try to stuff them down—or conversely, keep reacting to any uncomfortable feeling without looking at the triggers, and what situations or people we may need to avoid or set up boundaries with—we repeat patterns, and we can stifle our growth.

When we allow ourselves to feel our emotions—and work through understanding their source, their triggers, and learning what they are telling us—we grow through the experience. Feel, learn and grow—this is the way our soul evolves.

Do you try to numb feelings of pain and discomfort, or do you allow them to surface so that you can understand them, process them, release them, and heal?

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